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Alam Park.jpg
Season 4 contestant
Personal Information
Age 25
Hometown Seattle, WA
Occupation Info
Occupation Makeup Artist
Season(s) 4
Placement 9th
Eliminated on Bugging Out

Alam is graduate of Joe Blasco Make-Up Training Center's Master Course. She prides herself on bringing a sense of fun and passion to her work. Ten years ago, she moved from South Korea with her parents to be with family in Seattle. In 2011, she moved to Los Angeles to attend makeup school and start her career. Slow and precise is Alam's preferred work method. Alam considers herself an unexpected talent who will use great design and coloring to x-out the competition.


Episode 1: "Make it Reign"

Episode 2: "Heroic Proportions"

Episode 3: "When Hell Freezes Over"

Episode 4: "Eye Candy"

Episode 5: "Two Heads Are Better Than One"

Episode 6: "Bugging Out"