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Alana Rose Schiro
Season 3 and Season 5 contestant
Personal Information
Age 21
Hometown New York, NY
Occupation Info
Season(s) Season 3 and Season 5
Placement 6th (Season 3)

8th (Season 5)

Eliminated on "Who's the New Who?(Season 3)

"Cosmic Circus(Season 5)

Alana Rose Schiro is a contestant of the third season of Face Off, she placed 6th overall being eliminated in "Who's the New Who?". She also appeared as a contestant in Season 5 where she placed 8th overall being eliminated in "Cosmic Circus".

Season 3


Episode 1: "A Force to Be Reckoned With"

Episode 2: "Pirate Treasure"

Episode 3: "Year of the Dragon"

Episode 4: "Alice in Zombieland"

Episode 5: "Supermobile"

Episode 6: "Dishonorable Proportions"

Episode 7: "Monster Twist"

Episode 8: "Who's the New Who?"

Episode 11: "Immortal Enemies"

Episode 12: "Live Finale"

Season 5

Special: "The Vets Strike Back"

Episode 1: "Going for Gold"

Episode 2: "Future Frankenstein"

Episode 3: "Gettin' Goosed"

Episode 4: "Subterranean Terror"

Episode 5: "Mother Earth Goddess"

Episode 6: "Trick or Treat"

Episode 7: "Living Art"

Episode 8: "Cosmic Circus"

Episode 13: "Swan Song"

Face Off portfolio


  • It is mentioned that Alana has been dating Season 2 finalist Ian Cromer when she competed during Season 3.
  • Alana received several injures while competing on Face Off.
  • Alana used a lot of different obscure phrases during Face Off.

Social media

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