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Alice in Zombieland
Alice in Zombieland.png
Episode Information
Release Date September 11, 2012
Season # 3
Episode # 4
Top Looks Laura, Roy and Derek
Bottom Looks Tommy, Nicole and Rod
Winner Roy Wooley
Eliminated Nicole Chilelli
Previous "Year of the Dragon"
Next "Supermobile"

Foundation Challenge

  • Challenge: Create a realistic trauma make-up to make it appear that the model withstood a 10-round boxing match.
    • Guest Judge: Laila Ali
    • Reward: Immunity
      • Winner: Jason

Spotlight Challenge

  • Challenge: After visiting the Descanso Gardens, contestants will need to create an original take on a character from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland who has been infected with the zombie virus from Resident Evil.
    • Guest Judge: Paul W. S. Anderson
    • Top Looks: Laura, Roy and Derek
    • Bottom Looks: Tommy, Nicole and Rod
      • Winner: Roy
      • Eliminated: Nicole
Contestant Character
Sarah Derek Cheshire Cat
Jason Laura The Hatter
Nicole Alice
Tommy Alana The White Rabbit
Roy Rod Queen of Hearts