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Anthony Pepe
Season 1 contestant
Personal Information
Age 35
Hometown Queens, NY
Residence Astoria, NY
Occupation Info
Expertise Horror / Characters / Molding / Prosthetics
Occupation Demonic Pumpkins Studio (Owner)
Season(s) Season 1
Placement 7th
Eliminated on "The Dancing Dead"

Anthony Pepe is a contestant of the first season of Face Off. He placed 7th overall, being the first person eliminated in "The Dancing Dead".


While growing up in Queens, Anthony Pepe discovered his passion for drawing and illustrating at a young age. He attended Pratt Institute for Film Animation and illustration. During his first semester he had a change of heart and decided to change vocations. In 1995, he attended the Joe Blasco Makeup Center in Orlando, FL. When he moved back to New York City, he immediately landed a gig working on independent films. He then began building his special FX makeup studio in his grandmother’s defunct garage, which has now been open for 15 years. Anthony finds unusual inspiration to incorporate into his different characters – craft service, carpentry, plumbing and chemistry. A big fan of horror and comedies as well as anything from the '80s, Anthony uses his characteristic background to deliver glamour, characters, injuries, blood and guts, monsters, animatronics, and prosthetics for the entertainment industry. Anthony is outgoing, likes to take charge and be thoroughly involved, and can sometimes be extremely honest.

Season 1


Episode Placing
1.01 IN
1.02 WIN
1.03 LOW
1.04 LOW
1.05 HIGH
1.06 OUT

Episode 1: "Welcome to the Jungle"

Episode 2: "Naked Ambition"

Episode 3: "Out of This World"

Episode 4: "Bad to the Bone"

Episode 5: "Switched and Hitched"

Episode 6: "The Dancing Dead"

Episode 8: "Twisted Tales"

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