Bad to the Bone

Bad to the Bone
Episode Information
Release Date February 16, 2011
Season # 1
Episode # 4
Views (million) 1.165
Top Looks Tom
Bottom Looks Anthony
Winner Tom Devlin
Eliminated Marcel Banks
Previous Out of This World
Next Switched and Hitched

Bad to the Bone is the forth episode of the first season of Face Off. The challenge was for that each contestant must make a unique slasher film villain. Tom was crowned the winner of the challenge while Marcel was shockingly sent packing.

Spotlight Challenge

Challenge: Design an original slasher movie villain, and a movie poster with title and tagline.

Contestant Movie title Villain concept Tagline
Anthony London Twilight Mad doctor set in Victorian England The Doctor Is Out...Of His Mind
Conor Voodoo Dawn Vengeance demon Death Is Just The Beginning
Gage Cautionary Point Undead lighthouse keeper Heed The Warning
Jo Confession Murderous Nun Confession Will Not Always Save You
Marcel Final Skate 70s era roller rink operator The Class Of '78 Is Going To Pieces
Megan Chester's Photography Deranged photographer A Picture Says A Thousand Words...His Victims Say None
Sam Baby Doll Porcelain doll-influenced killer Daddy's Little Secret Has Come Back To Play
Tate Him Genetic anomaly Your Mind...His Playground
Tom Teddy Told Me To Child-like; yo-yo weapon It's All Fun And Games Till Someone Dies
  • Guest Judge: Sean S. Cunningham
  • Top Looks: Tom, Gage, & Tate
  • Bottom Looks: Marcel, Anthony, & Megan
    • Winner: Tom
    • Recommended for Elimination: Megan
    • Eliminated: Marcel

Final Looks


  • The "Teddy Told Me To" costume designed by Tom Devlin can now be seen in the Tom Devlin Monster Museum opened on Boulder City, Nevada. It is a museum full of custom made statues by him that depict classic horror movie monsters as well as a gift shop full of merchandise and screen-used props ranging from productions he worked on to other classic films (the Pazuzu head from The Exorcist and the Spider Gremlin from Gremlins 2: The New Batch.
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