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Ben Ploughman S11.jpg
Season 9 Finalist
Personal Information
Age 34
Hometown Austin, TX
Occupation Info
Season(s) 9 & 11
Placement Finalist in Season 9

7th in Season 11

Eliminated on Movie Magic, Part 2

Cursed Covens

Ben Ploughman began his journey into the visual arts as a freelance animator in Texas before quickly changed gears and seeking out a career in film. After several years of exploring different positions within film production, he discovered a knack for makeup and practical effects. Following his passion, he relocated to Los Angeles and continues to work as a freelance makeup artist in addition to his work at Makeup and Effects Laboratories.

Season 9

Episode 1: "Intergalactic Zoo"

Episode 2: "Siren Song"

Episode 3: "Surprise of the Century"

Episode 4: "Frightful Fiction"

Episode 5: "The Gatekeepers"

Episode 6: "Extraterrestrial Enterprise"

Episode 7: "All That Glitters"

Episode 8: "The Gauntlet"

Episode 9: "Judgement Day"

Episode 10: "Freak Show"

Episode 11: "Beyond the Expanse"

Episode 12: "Death Becomes Them"

Episode 13: "Movie Magic, Part 1"

Episode 14: "Movie Magic, Part 2"

Season 11

Episode 1: "Abstract Aliens"

Episode 2: "The Devil is in the Details"

Episode 3: "Monster High"

Episode 4: "Snow Queens"

Episode 5: "Troubling Transformations"

Episode 6: "Wasteland Warriors"

Episode 7: "Puppet Masters"

Episode 8: "Odd Couples"

Episode 9: "Frightening Families"

Episode 10: "Cursed Covens"

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