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Beyond the Expanse
Beyond the Expanse.png
Guests: Daniel Abraham & Ty Franck
Episode Information
Release Date October 6, 2015
Season # 9
Episode # 11
Top Looks Evan & Jordan
Bottom Looks Stevie & Ben
Winner Evan
Eliminated Stevie
Previous "Freak Show"
Next "Death Becomes Them"

"Beyond the Expanse" is the eleventh episode of the ninth season of Face Off.

Focus Challenge

Challenge: Create the evolution of humans that are living in disastrous, future Earth scenarios.

  • Guests: Daniel Abraham & Ty Franck
  • Top: Evan & Jordan
  • Bottom: Stevie & Ben
    • Winner: Evan
    • Eliminated: Stevie
Contestant Disaster
Ben Volcanic Disaster
Evan Severe Drought
Jordan Ice Age
Nora Toxic Pollution
Scott Nuclear Fallout
Stevie Polar Melting
Not Chosen Asteroid Impact

Focus Gallery


  • McKenzie and Michael Westmore were so concerned about the direction of Scott's makeup, that they returned to offer him more advice.