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Brea Joseph
Season 2 contestant
Personal Information
Age 32
Residence San Diego, CA
Occupation Info
Expertise Simulated Injury Wounds / Acrylic Teeth / Life Casting / Sculpting / Silicone / Latex / Foam Latex / Fabrication
Occupation KBZ Effects (Owner & Operatior)
Season(s) Season 2
Placement 11th
Eliminated on Night Terrors

Brea Joesph was a contestant of the second season of Face Off. She place 11th overall, being eliminated on Night Terrors.


This California native isn't just good at makeup...she's army strong. Brea owns and operates her own special effects company, where she creates simulated trauma injuries for military and medical injury courses. Her only special effects education was training under a Dick Smith/Westmore graduate. Despite her lack of traditional training, Brea's enthusiasm and energy makes her a fierce competitor. Raised by a strong mother, Brea has a thick skin and a drive to be the best. In addition to her makeup job, she sings and engineers for a hip-hop group called Deep Rooted. Her only self-confessed weakness: She has never used an airbrush.

Season 2

Episode Placing
2.01 WIN
2.02 IN
2.02 HIGH
2.04 OUT

Episode 1: "Return to Oz"

Episode 2: "Water World"

Episode 3: "Rock Your Body"

Episode 4: "Night Terrors"

Episode 10: "The Ultimate Spotlight Challenge"



  • She's the lowest placed contestant (11th) to ever won a challenge.