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Dark Magic
Dark Magic.png
Episode Information
Release Date October 22, 2013
Season # 5
Episode # 11
Top Looks Laura & Tate
Bottom Looks Roy & Miranda
Winner Tate
Eliminated No Elimination
Previous "The Laughing Dead"
Next "Flights of Fantasy"

"Dark Magic" is the eleventh episode of the fifth season of Face Off.


Challenge: Create an original Dark Elf character reflecting ancient Norse runes.

Contestant Rune Meaning
Laura Perthro Occult Abilities
Tate Berkano Regeneration
Miranda Thurizaz Chaos
Roy Laguz Psychic Powers
Laney Eihwas Immortality
Not chosen Isaz Ice


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  • The artists were not told the meaning of the runes until they had each chosen.
  • Laney quit the competition after the first day in the lab.
  • Come time for elimination, the judges informed the artists that no one would be going home due to Laney's exit.