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Season 8 contestant




West Palm Beach, FL


8 & 11



Emily ia contestant of Face Off season 8. She quickly impressed the judges by her talent and creativity considering her age, and managed to win the 3rd and 13th challenges of her season, she was also multiple times on top looks. She standed out thanks for her good application of color and impressive fabrication of wigs. She also won the third foundation challenge of the season (episode 7) and made it to the finals where she lost against Darla. Her coach was Laura (Winner of season 5).


The youngest contestant of Face Off to date, Emily Serpico started experimenting with makeup at the age of 14. Emily's high school put on haunted houses and she fell in love with their innovative, spooky offerings. Currently in cosmetology school with a focus on hair and makeup, Emily credits her success to her mother, who taught her hair maintenance and wig ventilation as a little girl. Within the special effects industry, Emily is passionate about painting, character concepting, costuming and prosthetic application.

Season 8

Episode 1: "Return of the Champions"

Episode 2: "Monkey Business"

Episode 3: "Let the Games Begin"

Episode 4: "Royal Flush"

Episode 5: "Sounding Off"

Episode 6: "Troll Bridge"

Episode 7: "Queen Bees"

Episode 8: "Dressed to Kill"

Episode 9: "Miss Intergalactic"

Episode 10: "Super Selfies"

Episode 11: "Imaginary Friends"

Episode 12: "Deadly Dolls"

Episode 13: "Full Steam Ahead"

Episode 14: "The Dream Team"

Season 11

Episode 1



  • Emily is the youngest contestant ever.
  • She celebrated her birthday during episode 10.

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