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Eric Fox
Eric Fox.jpg
Season 4 Contestant
Personal Information
Nickname Foxy
Age 38
Hometown Unknown, GA
Residence Riverside, CA
Occupation Info
Expertise Conceptualization
Occupation Business Owner/Special Effects Makeup Artist
Season(s) Season 4
Placement 4th
Eliminated on "Alien Apocalypse"

Eric Fox is a contestant of the fourth season of Face Off. He placed 4th overall, being eliminated in "Alien Apocalypse".


Eric is a starving artist with tremendous drive. Born and raised in rural Georgia he grew up in the back woods on a farm. As a kid, Eric was left with nothing to do as a kid but overindulge in old school horror movies. In high school, Eric was known as the "Creepy Goth kid" who kept severed heads in his locker. Today, Eric is still toting around the "Creepy Goth" look but he is now a husband of 14 years and father of 4. Eric owns his own special effects shop, MORB-X FX, which he operates with his wife, Sheri. They have worked on music videos and also na online Halloween special for Blackbox TV called Proxy, based on the popular video games Slender. Eric knows that this is the job he was meant to do and hopes to make it big soon.

Season 4

Episode 1: "Make It Reign"

Episode 2: "Heroic Proportions"

Episode 3: "When Hell Freezes Over"

Episode 4: "Eye Candy"

Episode 5: "Two Heads Are Better Than One"

Episode 6: "Bugging Out"

Episode 7: "Howl at the Moon"

Episode 8: "It's Better in the Dark"

Episode 9: "Mummy Mayhem"

Episode 10: "Alien Apocalypse"

Face Off portfolio



  • There was a behind the scenes clip played along with Episode 9 (Mummy Mayhem) that showed Fox having quite a unique laugh, and being able to make a lot of the others laugh quite easily just by laughing himself.
  • Eric is the only person to win a Spotlight Challenge during Season 4 besides Kris and Anthony.
  • Eric was featured in a SyFy special called "Foxy and Co." that showed the daily shenanigans of him and his team of Face Off Formers: Nicole, RJ, and Roy as they work on Special Effects projects together.
  • Eric has also made an appearance on the TV show "Fangasm" on Episode 4, doing zombie makeups on the members with his wife, Sheri.
  • Eric's birthday is May 17th, and he is a Taurus.

Social media

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