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Family Plot
Episode Information
Release Date March 9, 2011
Season # 1
Episode # 7
Views (million) 1.325
Top Looks Sam
Winner Sam Cobb
Reward First Pick (Story & Theme)
Eliminated Megan Areford
Previous The Dancing Dead
Next Twisted Tales (Season 1 finale)

Family Plot was the seventh episode of the first season of Face Off. The challenge was to disguise yourself to be unrecognizable to a loved one. The winner of the challenge was Sam Cobb. Megan Areford was sent home.

Spotlight Challenge

Challenge: Being their own models, contestants are to create a make-up to make themselves unrecognizable to a loved one.

Contestant Loved one Character's name
Conor Colleen (sister) Mikhail
Gage Matt (boyfriend) Monique
Megan Donna (mother) Nancy
Sam Brian (husband) Mark
Tate Holly (girlfriend) Gavin
  • Top Looks: Sam & Gage
    • Winner: Sam
    • Reward: First Pick of theme/story in Twisted Tales.
    • Eliminated: Megan

Final Looks


  • This is the first episode for which no contestant was recommended for elimination, however this was due to the fact that of poor performance.