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Foreign Bodies
Foreign Bodies.png
Foundation Guest Judge: Lance Henriksen
Episode Information
Release Date February 10, 2016
Season # 10
Episode # 05
Foundation Winner Mel & Melissa
Reward Team Immunity
Top Looks Kaleb & Rob; Mel & Melissa
Bottom Looks Anna & Yvonne; Robert & Katie; Johnny & Walter
Winner Rob
Eliminated Katie
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Next Death's Doorstep

Foundation Challenge

Challenge: Create a realistic slime.

  • Guest Judge: Lance Henriksen
  • Reward: Team Immunity
    • Top Looks: Johnny & Walter; Mel & Melissa
      • Winner: Mel & Melissa

Spotlight Challenge

Challenge: Create a parasite that is bursting out of it's human host while using inspiration from a actual micro-organism.

  • Top Looks: Kaleb & Rob; Mel & Melissa
  • Bottom Looks: Anna & Yvonne; Johnny & Walter; Robert & Katie
    • Winner: Rob
    • Eliminated: Katie
Teams Microorganism
Yvonne & Anna Lepidonotopodium Piscesae
Kaleb & Rob Neris Sandersi
Melissa & Mel Enopolid Nematode
Robert & Katie Taenia Taeniaeformis
Johnny & Walter Tardigrade



  • This episode marks the season's first foundation.
  • This episode also had the first team immunity.