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Frank Ippolito
Season 1 and Season 5 contestant
Personal Information
Age 32
Hometown Cleveland, OH
Residence Burbank, CA
Occupation Info
Expertise Characters / Sculpting / Prosthetics / Painting
Occupation Freelance Makeup Artist
Season(s) Season 1 and Season 5
Placement 10th (Season 1)
7th (Season 5)
Eliminated on "Out of This World(Season 1)
"Mortal Sins(Season 5)

Frank Ippolito is a contestant of the first season of Face Off. He placed 10th overall, being eliminated in "Out of This World". He also appeared as a contestant in Season 5, where he placed 7th overall, being eliminated in "Mortal Sins".


Season 1

Born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, Frank Ippolito was the nerdy kid who hung out in the basement and made monsters, inspiring his true calling in special effects artistry. He worked on a number of small independent films in the midwest and ten years ago made the move to Los Angeles. Since then he’s worked on a number of film and TV projects including Pirates of The Caribbean. Currently he is collaborating with Danny DeVito on a number of horror film shorts. Frank says his big mouth can sometimes get him into trouble, and he likes to throw people off balance to psyche out his competition. Industry politics can sometimes get the best of Frank, and he is eager to take his FX career to the next level.

Season 5

Frank Ippolito was a formerly nerdy kid from Cleveland, Ohio, who hung out in the basement and made monsters, inspiring his true calling in special effects artistry. Thirteen years ago, he moved to Los Angeles to turn his passion into a profession, and four years ago he was in the first season of Face Off. He now owns his own F/X shop and has racked up some notable feature film credits; he recently collaborated with Danny DeVito on the horror film St. Sebastian's. Still possessed of a passionate attitude and a no-nonsense style, he hopes a second go-round on Face Off will allow him to show more of what he is capable of. His favorite movie with special effects is John Carpenter's The Thing.

Season 1

Episode Placing
1.01 HIGH
1.02 IN
1.03 OUT

Episode 1: "Welcome to the Jungle"

Episode 2: "Naked Ambition"

Episode 3: "Out of This World"

Episode 8: "Twisted Tales"

Season 5

Special: "The Vets Strike Back"

Episode 1: "Going for Gold"

Episode 2: "Future Frankenstein"

Episode 3: "Gettin' Goosed"

Episode 4: "Subterranean Terror"

Episode 5: "Mother Earth Goddess"

Episode 6: "Trick or Treat"

Episode 7: "Living Art"

Episode 8: "Cosmic Circus"

Episode 9: "Mortal Sins"

Episode 13: "Swan Song"

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  • He is one out of four contestants to have a Wikipedia page, the others being Tate, RJ, and Jerry.

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