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George Troester III S11.jpg
Personal Information
Age 27
Hometown Buffalo, NY
Occupation Info
Season(s) 7 & 11
Placement 4th

George Troester III's passion for special effects was first realized when he watched Evil Dead at the age of 15. Educated at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, George specializes in prosthetics, puppets and fabrication. When he designs a character, he first compares the base of his design to existing similar designs, then does the opposite so he can create something completely original. George admires SFX artist Rob Bottin and compares him to Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci.

Season 7

Episode 1: "Life and Death"

Episode 2: "American Gangster"

Episode 3: "Ancient Aliens"

Episode 4: "Twisted Trees"

Episode 5: "Animal Attraction"

Episode 6: "Wizard of Wonderland"

Episode 7: "Killer Instinct"

Episode 8: "Serpent Soldiers"

Episode 9: "Scared Silly"

Episode 10: "Teacher's Pets"

Episode 11: "Off With Their Heads"

Episode 12: "Beautiful Disaster"

Episode 13: "Creature Carnage"

Season 11

Episode 1



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