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Greg Lightner
Season 2 contestant
Personal Information
Age 35
Residence Pittsburgh, PA
Occupation Info
Expertise Theatrical Make-Up / Mask Making / Silicone / Sculpting and Gelatin
Occupation Lab Prep Director
Season(s) Season 2
Placement 14th
Eliminated on Return to Oz

Greg Lightner was a contestant of the second season of Face Off. He placed 14th overall, being eliminated in Return to Oz.


Greg Lightner was born in Germany as a military brat. He came to the United States at the age of two and has lived in many states, as his father was relocated with the U.S. Air Force. His love of makeup stems from his early encounters with horror magazines that his stepfather would collect, and the amazement that artist could make someone who was alive and human, into something that looked dead, demonic or otherworldly. This fascination, along with his tumultuous youth filled with instability and often abuse, caused Greg to create imaginary worlds and creatures, which came into fruition with the help of his sister’s beauty makeup kit. Greg began his professional makeup career doing theatrical makeup and prosthetics, leading to become the supervisor of the makeup department at a Pennsylvania amusement’s park’s annual haunted attraction.

Season 2

Episode Placing
2.01 OUT

Episode 1: "Return to Oz"