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It's Better in the Dark
Episode Information
Release Date March 5, 2013
Season # 4
Episode # 8
Top Looks Anthony and Wayne
Bottom Looks House, Meagan and Eric Z.
Winner Anthony Kosar
Eliminated Meagan Hester and Eric Zapata
Previous "Howl at the Moon"
Next "Mummy Mayhem"

"It's Better in the Dark" is the eighth episode of the fourth season of Face Off. The artists must create a never-before-seen creature that glows in the dark. Anthony Kosar was crowned the winner, but Meagan Hester and Eric Zapata were eliminated.

Spotlight Challenge


  • Guest Judge: Jon Landau
    • Top Looks: Anthony and Wayne
    • Bottom Looks: House, Meagan and Eric Z.
      • Winner: Anthony
      • Eliminated: Meagan and Eric Z.

Final Looks

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