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Jason Milani
Season 3 contestant
Personal Information
Age 25
Hometown Hopewell Junction, NY
Occupation Info
Season(s) Season 3
Placement 9th
Eliminated on "Supermobile"

Jason Milani is a contestant of the third season of Face Off, he placed 9th overall being eliminated in "Supermobile".


Jason Milani knew at an early age that he wanted to immerse himself in the special effects industry, with a particular passion for haunted houses. His exposure to shows and the world is where he learned most of his techniques to develop his skills. He attended the Tom Savini program at the Douglas Education Center. Laid back and easy going, Jason is also extremely hard working, especially when given a task. He approaches life with the same philosophy, "Go big, go extreme, and be fast."

Season 3


Episode 1: "A Force to Be Reckoned With"

Episode 2: "Pirate Treasure"

Episode 3: "Year of the Dragon"

Episode 4: "Alice in Zombieland"

Episode 5: "Supermobile"

Episode 7: "Monster Twist"

Jason, along with the rest of the contestants eliminated prior to "Monster Twist" (sans Joe Castro, who quitted), came back during the said episode and was offered a chance to get back on the show through a foundation challenge.

Episode 11: "Immortal Enemies"

Episode 12: "Live Finale"

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