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John Leftwich.png
Personal Information
Age 28
Hometown Richmond, VA
Residence Los Angeles, CA
Occupation Info
Occupation Make-Up SFX Artist / Actor
Season(s) 10
Placement 9th
Eliminated on Death's Doorstep

Being raised in his film-loving father's household taught Johnny respect for the art, specifically the horror genre, and after high school, he and his best friend DT set out to pursue a life in pictures. Johnny graduated from Tom Savini's Make-Up Effects Program in 2012 and can be seen pulling double duty as both actor and makeup effects artist in GWAR's music video for "Zombies, March!," Steve Johnson's short film Nightmare Cabin and Tom Woodruff Jr.'s feature debut, Fire City: End of Days.


Episode 1: Wanted Dead or Alive

Episode 2: Child's Play

Episode 3: Lost Languages

Episode 4: Covert Characters

Episode 5: Foreign Bodies

Episode 6: Death's Doorstep



  • Height: 6'7"
  • Johnny is the only person to have acted on screen under the direction of both Steve Johnson and Tom Woodruff Jr.

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