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Katie Kinney.png
Personal Information
Age 24
Hometown Litchfield, IL
Residence Litchfield, IL
Occupation Info
Occupation Freelance Makeup Artist and Prosthetics Fabricator
Season(s) 10
Placement 10th
Eliminated on Foreign Bodies

Katie is a recent graduate of the Vancouver Film School and is currently working as a Freelance Makeup Artist out of her small studio in Southern Illinois. As she hones her skill sets, Katie loves to create custom prosthetics and beautiful but deadly monsters, each more boldly colored than the last. With a strong science background, Katie uses her extensive knowledge of anatomy to create unique and unusual works of art. Her work encompasses a variety of wild colors, dynamic shapes and her own personal artistic flare.


Episode 1: Wanted Dead or Alive

Episode 2: Child's Play

Episode 3: Lost Languages

Episode 4: Covert Characters

Episode 5: Foreign Bodies



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Follow Katherine 'Katie' Kinney's posts @KinneyEffects!

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