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Keaghlan Ashley
Keaghlan Ashley S11.jpg
Season 7 contestant
Personal Information
Age 24
Hometown Oxnard,CA
Residence Oxnard,CA
Occupation Info
Season(s) 7 & 11
Placement 9th in Season 7

9th in Season 11

Eliminated on Serpent Soldiers

Odd Couples

Keaghlan Ashley originally discovered special effects makeup when she was performing and designing for community theatre. She found character makeup an intriguing form of expression that she could use to push her own characters and performances further. Eager to learn all she could in sculpture and prosthetic application, this led to her attendance at the Tom Savini Special Makeup Effects Program. With that background in musical theatre, she gives intense scrutiny to how the makeup will appear in action. Her main short-term goal is to challenge herself with every new makeup she attempts. Her long-term goal is to share her art and designs with the world through her company Red Till Dead Design, and to eventually open an art gallery to showcase all forms of creative expression.

Season 7

Episode 1: "Life and Death"

Episode 2: "American Gangster"

Episode 3: "Ancient Aliens"

Episode 4: "Twisted Trees"

Episode 5: "Animal Attraction"

Episode 6: "Wizard of Wonderland"

Episode 7: "Killer Instinct"

Episode 8: "Serpent Soldiers"

Season 11

Episode 1: Abstract Aliens

Episode 2: The Devil is in the Details

Episode 3: Monster High

Episode 4: Snow Queens

Episode 5: Troubling Transformations

Episode 6: Wasteland Warriors

Episode 7: Puppet Masters

Episode 8: Odd Couples

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