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Killer Instinct
Episode Information
Release Date September 9, 2014
Season # 7
Episode # 7
Views (million) Unknown
Foundation Winner Rachael
Reward Immunity
Top Looks Cig
Bottom Looks Dina
Winner George Troester III
Eliminated None
Saved Sasha Glasser
Previous "Wizard of Wonderland"
Next "Serpent Soldiers"

"Killer Instinct" is the seventh episode of seventh season of Face Off. It first aired on September 9, 2014.

Foundation Challenge

  • Challenge: The artists must create their own take on the Bloody Mary.
  • Rewared: Immunity
  • Guest Judge: Brigette Myre Ellis
    • Top Looks: Rachael & Drew
      • Winner: Rachael

Spotlight Challenge

  • Challenge: The artists' must choose a movie poster and create the villian from the movie.
    • Reward: The winning makeup will appear at Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights along with the winning makeups from past Face Off seasons.
Contestant Movie Title
Cig The Second Chumming
Damien Buzz Cut
Dina The Cloven
Drew We Met Online
George Axe Girlfriend
Keaghlan Homecoming Scream
Rachael Bone Appétit
Sasha Bonnie and Cyanide
Stella The Trophy Room
  • Top Looks: Rachael, Cig & George
  • Bottom Looks: Dina, Keaghlan & Sasha
    • Winner: George
    • Eliminated: No One
    • Saved: Sasha

Final Looks

Promotional material


  • The music during the reveals in this episode is different from other episodes.