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Living Art
Living Art.png
Foundation Guest Judge: Elvira
Episode Information
Release Date September 24, 2013
Season # 5
Episode # 7
Foundation Winner Roy Wooley
Reward Immunity and a fully stocked makeup kit from Kryolan
Top Looks Miranda, Laney and Laura
Bottom Looks Scott, Tate and Eddie
Winner Laura Tyler
Eliminated Scott Ramp
Previous "Trick or Treat"
Next "Cosmic Circus"

"Living Art" is the seventh episode of the fifth season of Face Off. The artists' challenge is to create a character who would reflect an art movement. Laura Tyler was crowned the winner, but Scott Ramp was eliminated.

Foundation Challenge

Challenge: The artists must create an original makeup inspired by Elvira.

  • Guest Judge: Elvira
    • Top Foundations: Tate and Roy
    • Reward: Immunity and a fully stocked makeup kit from Kryolan.
      • Winner: Roy

Spotlight Challenge


  • Top Looks: Miranda, Laney and Laura
  • Bottom Scott, Tate and Eddie
    • Winner: Laura
    • Eliminated: Scott

Final Looks

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