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Logan Long S11.jpg
Personal Information
Age 29
Hometown Salt Lake City, UT
Occupation Info
Season(s) 8 & 11
Placement Finalist in Season 8

5th in Season 11

Eliminated on The Dream Team

Tiki Twist

An avid traveler, licensed pilot, sailor and production designer, Logan Long is a modern-day renaissance man. After spending nine years in the California Air National Guard, Logan went from having no makeup special effects training to pursuing employment solely as an artist. Drawn to sculpting, fabrication and painting, Logan has demonstrated his abilities as a special effects artist, recently fulfilling contracts with Ballet West, Salt Lake Comic Con and Red Coral Crew, a film production company founded by his brother.

Season 8

Episode 1: "Return of the Champions"

Episode 2: "Monkey Business"

Episode 3: "Let the Games Begin"

Episode 4: "Royal Flush"

Episode 5: "Sounding Off"

Episode 6: "Troll Bridge"

Episode 7: "Queen Bees"

Episode 8: "Dressed to Kill"

Episode 9: "Miss Intergalactic"

Episode 10: "Super Selfies"

Episode 11: "Imaginary Friends"

Episode 12: "Deadly Dolls"

Episode 13: "Full Steam Ahead"

Episode 14: "The Dream Team"

Season 11

Episode 1: "Abstract Aliens"

Episode 2: "The Devil is in the Details"

Episode 3: "Monster High"

Episode 4: "Snow Queens"

Episode 5: "Troubling Transformations"

Episode 6: "Wasteland Warriors"

Episode 7: "Puppet Masters"

Episode 8: "Odd Couples"

Episode 9: "Frightening Families"

Episode 10: "Cursed Covens"

Episode 11: "Intergalactic Congress"

Episode 12: "Tiki Twist"