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Make It Reign
Episode Information
Release Date January 15, 2013
Season # 4
Episode # 1
Foundation Winner Anthony Kosar
Reward Immunity
Top Looks Anthony & Meagan, Eric F. & Jenna, Eric Z. & Autumn
Bottom Looks Michael & Troy, Wayne & Alex
Winner Anthony Kosar
Eliminated Troy Rivers
Previous "Live Finale(Season 3 finale)
Next "Heroic Proportions"

"Make It Reign" is the first episode of the fourth season of Face Off.


Challenge: Create a makeup that represents themselves as an artist using a crown of their choice as inspiration.

  • Guest Judge: Michael Westmore
  • Reward: Immunity
    • Winner: Anthony


Challenge: Create believable fantasy goblin kings based on one of seven terrains.

  • Guest Judge: John Rhys-Davies
    • Top Looks: Anthony & Meagan, Eric F. & Jenna and Eric Z. & Autumn
    • Bottom Looks: Michael & Troy and Wayne & Alexandra
      • Winner: Anthony
      • Eliminated: Troy
Teams Goblin King concept
Alam & Kristian Forest
Alex & Wayne Swamp
Anthony & Meagan Mountain
Autumn & Eric Z. Jungle
Eric F. & Jenna Desert
House & Katie Arctic
Michael & Troy Volcano

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