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Megan Areford
Season 1 contestant
Personal Information
Age 24
Hometown Pittsburgh, PA
Residence Burbank, CA
Occupation Info
Expertise Horror
Occupation Special FX Makeup Artist
Season(s) Season 1
Placement 5th
Eliminated on "Family Plot"

Megan Areford is a contestant of the first season of Face Off. She placed fifth overall being eliminated in "Family Plot".


Megan Areford is a self-proclaimed perfectionist, likes things to be in their place, and also possesses a very strong work ethic. Megan grew up in Pittsburgh, PA in a loving household with her mother and stepfather. At the age of seven, her grandmother taught her how to put on make-up and encouraged her to paint and draw. Megan decided to make special FX makeup her career and attended Tom Savini’s Special FX School of Makeup located near her hometown.

Season 1


Episode Placing
1.01 IN
1.02 IN
1.03 LOW
1.04 LOW
1.05 WIN
1.06 LOW
1.07 OUT

Episode 1: "Welcome to the Jungle"

Episode 2: "Naked Ambition"

Episode 3: "Out of This World"

Episode 4: "Bad to the Bone"

Episode 5: "Switched and Hitched"

Episode 6: "The Dancing Dead"

Episode 7: "Family Plot"

Episode 8: "Twisted Tales"

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