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Miranda Jory
Season 2 and Season 5 contestant
Personal Information
Age 21
Residence Los Angeles, CA
Occupation Info
Expertise Special FX, Prosthetics, Beauty, Avant Garde/Fantasy
Occupation Makeup Artist
Season(s) Season 2 and Season 5
Placement 12th (Season 2)
4th (Season 5)
Eliminated on "Rock Your Body(Season 2)
"Flights of Fantasy(Season 5)

Miranda Jory is a contestant of the second season of Face Off. She placed 12th overall, being eliminated on "Rock Your Body". She also appeared as a contestant in Season 5, where she placed 4th being eliminated in "Flights of Fantasy".


Season 2

The youngest in the competition, Miranda's talents go far beyond her experience. Miranda moved from Seattle to Los Angeles to pursue makeup effects, and attended the Makeup Designory and Cinema Makeup School where she now works as an intern. She won first place in both the Beauty/Fantasy and the Character/Prosthetics categories at the International Makeup Artists Trade Show in Toronto and second place in Beauty/Fantasy in the show in Los Angeles. She wants to earn respect as a professional woman in a male-dominated industry.

Season 5

The youngest member of the cast for the second season of Face Off, Miranda’s passion and skill for special effects makeup makes her a determined competitor. After attending Cinema Makeup School in Los Angeles, she freelanced at several SFX lab to work on independent films and was a production assistant on the Mystique Make-up team on X-men First Class. She also competed in the IMATS Battle of the Brushes competitions, winning second place for Beauty/Fantasy at IMATS Los Angeles and first place in both the Beauty/Fantasy and the Character/Prosthetics student competitions at IMATS Toronto in 2010. Miranda is eager to return to Face Off and hopes to further showcase her talents. The artists who have inspired her the most are Steve Wang, Jordu Schell, Rick Baker and Dick Smith.

Season 2

Episode Placing
2.01 HIGH
2.02 IN
2.03 OUT

Episode 1: "Return to Oz"

Episode 2: "Water World"

Episode 3: "Rock Your Body"

Episode 10: "The Ultimate Spotlight Challenge"

Season 5

Episode Placing
2.01 WIN
2.02 IN
2.03 WIN
2.04 WIN
2.05 IN
2.06 IN
2.07 HIGH
2.08 WIN
2.09 HIGH
2.10 IN
2.11 LOW
2.12 OUT

Special: "The Vets Strike Back"

Episode 1: "Going for Gold"

Episode 2: "Future Frankenstein"

Episode 3: "Gettin' Goosed"

Episode 4: "Subterranean Terror"

Episode 5: "Mother Earth Goddess"

Episode 6: "Trick or Treat"

Episode 7: "Living Art"

Episode 8: "Cosmic Circus"

Episode 9: "Mortal Sins"

Episode 10: "The Laughing Dead"

Episode 11: "Dark Magic"

Episode 12: "Flights of Fantasy"

Episode 13: "Swan Song"

Season 7

Special: "Judge Match"



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