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Monster Twist
Monster Twist.png
Episode Information
Release Date October 2, 2012
Season # 3
Episode # 7
Top Looks Roy and Laura
Bottom Looks Derek, Alana and Rod
Winner Laura Tyler
Eliminated Rod Maxwell
Previous "Dishonorable Proportions"
Next "Who's the New Who?"

Foundation Challenge

  • Challenge: At Olvera Street, the eliminated contestants (not including Joe) were to create a Day of the Dead face makeup.
    • Guest Judge: Patrick Tatopoulos
    • Reward: Returning to the show as a contestant
      • Winner: Nicole

Spotlight Challenge

  • Challenge: Working with the non-profit group City Hearts, Kids Say Yes to the Arts, contestants are to create an original movie monster using a child's sketch as inspiration
    • Reward: Art supplies will be donated to City Hearts, Kids Say Yes to the Arts in the winner's honor
    • Top Looks: Roy and Laura
    • Bottom Looks: Derek, Alana and Rod
      • Winner: Laura
      • Eliminated: Rod
Contestant Monster concept
Laura Vampire-dragon baby
Roy Tickle monster, blinking eyes
Nicole Cave-dwelling demon
Alana Big eye, many nostrils
Derek People-eating alien
Sarah Sweetie Stealer
Rod Big-headed alien