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Naked Ambition
Episode Information
Release Date February 2, 2011
Season # 1
Episode # 2
Views (million) 1.041
Foundation Winner Tate
Reward First Choice (Model)
Top Looks Tom (Stairway)
Jo (Ocean)
Anthony(Petrified wood)
Bottom Looks Conor (New Orleans)
Tate (Jungle)
Sergio (Tornado)
Winner Anthony Pepe
Eliminated Sergio Guerra
Previous Welcome to the Jungle (Season 1 premiere)
Next Out of This World

Naked Ambition is the second episode of the first season of Face Off. The challenge was to create a body paint on nude models based on the backdrop each contestant chose. Anthony claimed victory and Sergio was sent home.

Foundation Challenge

Challenge: Being their own models, the contestants will have to design an original tattoo that has a special meaning for them.

  • Judge: Thomas Pendelton
  • Reward: First Choice for Spotlight Challenge.

Spotlight Challenge

Challenge: Using one of the backdrops mentioned above, Body paint a nude model for a magazine cover photo shoot.

Contestant Backdrop
Anthony Petrified wood
Conor New Orleans
Frank Elevator
Gage Museum
Jo Ocean
Marcel Waterfall
Megan Abstract colors
Sam Bookcase
Sergio Tornado
Tate Rainforest
Tom Stairway
  • Guest Judge: Filippo Ioco
  • Top Looks: Anthony, Tom, Jo
  • Bottom Looks: Sergio, Conor, Tate
    • Winner: Anthony
    • Recommended for Elimination: Sergio
    • Eliminated: Sergio

Final Looks


  • This is the first episode where the reward of winning the Foundation Challenge is not Immunity.