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Nicole Chilelli
Season 3 winner
Season 7 helper of finalists
Personal Information
Age 28
Hometown Sacramento, CA
Occupation Info
Expertise "Creepy beautiful"[1]
Occupation Vicious Vanity FX (founder)[1]
Season(s) Season 3
Placement Winner
Eliminated on "Alice in Zombieland(returned during "Monster Twist")

Nicole Chilelli is a contestant and winner of the third season of Face Off. Even thought she was eliminated during ""Alice in Zombieland", she won the Foundation Challenge during "Monster Twist", which allowed her to return to the competition. Nicole also returned as one of the helpers for Season 7 finalists.

Season 3


Episode 1: "A Force to Be Reckoned With"

Episode 2: "Pirate Treasure"

Episode 3: "Year of the Dragon"

Episode 4: "Alice in Zombieland"

Episode 7: "Monster Twist"

Episode 8: "Who's the New Who?"

Episode 9: "Junkyard Cyborg"

Episode 10: "Scene of the Crime"

Episode 11: "Immortal Enemies"

Episode 12: "Live Finale"

Season 7

Episode 14: "One Knight Only"

Face Off portfolio


  • She's the only contestant on the history of Face Off to win by public vote.
  • She's the first female contestant to win Face Off.
  • She's also the first and only contestant on Face Off to return to the competition during the season of the original elimination.
  • In January 2019, Nicole gave birth to her son Greyson Wolf.

Social media

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