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Night Terrors
Spotlight Guest Judge: Tom Savini
Episode Information
Release Date February 1, 2012
Season # 2
Episode # 4
Views (million) 2.144
Top Looks Ian
Bottom Looks Brea
Winner Ian Cromer
Eliminated Brea Joseph
Previous Rock Your Body
Next Dangerous Beauty

Night Terrors is the forth episode of the second season of Face Off. This challenge, the contestants must create a horror film villain based on phobias. Ian Cromer won his first challenge and Brea Joseph was sent home.

Spotlight Challenge

Challenge: After visiting the Linda Vista Community Hospital in complete darkness at in the middle of the night where they sketch their designs, the contestants must create a horror movie villain based on a phobia.

Contestant Phobia
Rayce Cryophobia: fear of ice and frost
Ian Odontophobia: fear of teeth
RJ Xyrophobia: fear of razor blades
Heather Ornithophobia: fear of birds
Beki Parasitophobia: fear of parasites
Brea Chemophobia: fear of chemicals
Tara Ommetaphobia: fear of eyes
Sue Hadephobia: fear of Hell
Jerry Electrophobia: fear of electricity
Matt Xerophobia: fear of dryness
Athena Merinthophobia: fear of being bound
  • Guest Judge: Tom Savini
  • Top Looks: Ian, Beki, and Rayce
  • Bottom Looks: Athena, Jerry, and Brea
    • Winner: Ian
    • Eliminated: Brea

Final Looks


  • Ian's model suffered a allergic reaction to his makeup and it had to be removed before Ian talked to the judges, they used a photo for reference.
  • Mechanophobia was one of the phobias not chosen.