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Personal Information
Age 26
Hometown San German, Puerto Rico
Occupation Info
Season(s) 6 & 11
Placement 4th in Season 6

14th in Season 11

Eliminated on Guitar Gods

Snow Queens

Nicolas "Niko" Daniel Gonzalez was born and raised in San German, Puerto Rico. Since childhood, he has been involved in theater, dance groups and Tae Kwon Do. In college, he took formal make-up classes and would volunteer to do the makeups for various events and theater productions. This gave him the push to pursue make-up as a professional career and brought him to his current home, Los Angeles. His expressive and passionate personality seeps into his artwork and has allowed him to graduate from Make-Up Designory's Master Make-up Artistry Program. He next went on to work for the school's SFX lab, its retail cosmetic store and at the school as a substitute teacher. With knowledge from his black belt in Tae-Kwon-Do, Niko has a keen sense for resources and has the discipline to compete in Face Off. If Niko wins, he will use the money to pay off his loans, open an FX shop with his girlfriend, fellow Face Off season 6 contestant Cat Paschen, and continue to pursue his crafts.

Season 6

Episode 1: "Sexy Beasts"

Episode 2: "Cosmic Conspiracy"

Episode 3: "Dragon's Breath"

Episode 4: "Guitar Gods"

Episode 5: "In the Shadows"

Episode 6: "Cryptic Creatures"

Episode 7: "Open Sesame"

Episode 8: "Ego Trip Abroad"

Episode 9: "Mad Science"

Episode 10: "What a Dahl"

Episode 11: "Freaks of Nature"

Episode 12: "Industrial Revolution"

Episode 13: "Bloodsuckers"

Episode 14: "Cry Wolf"

Season 11

Episode 1: Abstract Aliens

Episode 2: The Devil is in the Details

Episode 3: Monster High

Episode 4: Snow Queens



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