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Off With Their Heads
Episode Information
Release Date October 7, 2014
Season # 7
Episode # 11
Views (million) Unknown
Foundation Winner Stella
Reward Spray Booth
Top Looks Dina
Bottom Looks Sasha
Winner Dina Cimarusti
Eliminated Sasha Glasser
Previous "Teacher's Pets"
Next "Beautiful Disaster"

"Off With Their Heads" is the eleventh episode of the seventh season of Face Off. It first aired on October 7, 2014.

Foundation Challenge

  • Challenge: The artists must create a victim of Medusa that has been turned to stone.
  • Guest Judge: Michèle Burke
  • Reward: Spray Booth
    • Top Looks: Stella & George
      • Winner: Stella

Spotlight Challenge

  • Challenge: The artists must create a greek god character, along with a head of one they have slain.
Contestant Greek God
Cig Apollo
Dina Aphrodite
Drew Hades
George Zeus
Sasha Athena
Stella Poseidon
  • Guest Judge: Scott Wilson
    • Top Looks: Dina
    • Bottom Looks: George & Sasha
      • Winner: Dina
      • Eliminated: Sasha

Final Looks

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