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Out of This World
Episode Information
Release Date February 9, 2011
Season # 1
Episode # 3
Views (million) 1.286
Top Looks Conor and Jo
Gage and Marcel
Bottom Looks Tom and Megan
Winner Conor McCullagh
Eliminated Frank Ippolito
Previous Naked Ambition
Next Bad to the Bone

Out of This World is the third episode of the first season of Face Off. The challenge was for the contestants, in teams of two, to create an unique alien make-up that could live on the newly discovered extrasolar planet Gliese 581 g. Conor won for the second time and Frank was eliminated.

Spotlight Challenge

Challenge: Create an alien inspired by the environmental conditions speculated to exist on extrasolar planet Gliese 581 g.

Teams Alien concept
Marcel & Gage Dark Side Albino Creature
Sam & Tate Crab Walker
Megan & Tom Volcano Dweller
Jo & Conor Royal Gliesan
Anthony & Frank Exoskeletal Creature
  • Guest Judge: Michael Westmore
  • Top Looks: Jo & Conor, Marcel & Gage
  • Bottom Looks: Anthony & Frank, Megan & Tom
    • Winner: Conor
    • Recommended for Elimination: Tom
    • Eliminated: Frank

Final Looks


  • This episode denotes the first time a contestant won two challenges in a single season. (Conor)