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Season 1, Season 2

Director and creature designers Patrick Tatopoulos established himself as a distinguished production designer and creator of creature effects. His signature style is recognizable in such successful feature films as I Am LegendLive Free or Die Hard,UnderworldUnderworld: EvolutionSilent HillResident Evil: ExtinctionPitch BlackIndependence DayDark CityStargate andGodzilla.  His other credits include 10,000 B.C.Van HelsingThe Chronicles of RiddickAliens vs. Predator, Bram Stoker's Dracula,Gallow WalkerThe Dead GirlThe Messengers and The Cave.

Patrick has designed several acclaimed music videos, including three for the popular rock band Linkin Park. In the commercial arena, he has collaborated on a series of Mike’s Hard Lemonade commercials and designed several Intel Pentium 4 commercials, featuring the Blue Man Group, for David Kellogg. Another commercial of note designed by Patrick was a Reebok "clones" spot for Sam Bayer.

Patrick was born in Paris, France, where he lived until the age of 17. He began his studies at the Art Decoratif De Paris; the Art Applique's De Paris and the famous Beaux Art De Paris. Pursuing a career in the fine arts, he moved to Rome, where he spent three years before relocating to Athens. In Greece, Patrick worked as a freelance illustrator for several magazines, restaurants and bars, including Liberis Publications, which handles several fashion and sports magazines. Eventually his passion and interest in motion pictures drew him to the United States, where he began his film career in 1989.

Patrick has been a guest judge on occasion since exiting the show.