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Pirate Treasure
Episode Information
Release Date August 28, 2012
Season # 3
Episode # 2
Top Looks Roy, Sarah, and Laura
Bottom Looks Eric, CC, and Jason
Winner Sarah Elizabeth
Reward US$5000
Eliminated CC Childs
Previous "A Force to Be Reckoned With(Season 3 premiere)
Next "Year of the Dragon"

Spotlight Challenge

Challenge: After picking a key from a chest left in the contestant house, artists travelled to San Diego where they met McKenzie at the HMS Surprise. On the ship were 11 treasure chests that their keys could open up, revealing an inspiration the artist had to use in their creation of an original pirate character "who has become one with the sea".

  • Reward: US$5000
  • Top Looks: Roy, Sarah and Laura
  • Bottom Looks: Eric, CC and Jason
    • Winner: Sarah
    • Eliminated: CC
Contestant Inspiration
Nicole Ship in a bottle
Jason Jewels
Rod Seahorses
Laura Shells
CC Barnacles
Derek Netting
Alana Crabs
Tommy Kelp
Roy Dagger
Eric Spyglass
Sarah Sea urchins