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Season 6 Winner
Personal Information
Age 24
Hometown Bronx, NY
Occupation Info
Occupation Part-time SFX Artist
Season(s) 6
Placement 1st

Kind-hearted, self-motivated and driven, Rashaad Santiago is confident his creativity will make him a winner. With his father's support as inspiration, Rashaad combats any adversity through his artwork. As a self-taught makeup artist, he has gained expertise in sculpting, molding and application. He's inspired by Stan Winston because of his work on Jurrassic Park and Predator. He feels that he works most efficiently in a relaxed environment, and he enjoys doing celebrity impressions during free-time to lighten the mood. He plans to open his own effects shop where he can create and teach the art of makeup.

Season 6

Episode 1: "Sexy Beasts"

Episode 2: "Cosmic Conspiracy"

Episode 3: "Dragon's Breath"

Episode 4: "Guitar Gods"

Episode 5: "In the Shadows"

Episode 6: "Cryptic Creatures"

Episode 7: "Open Sesame"

Episode 8: "Ego Trip Abroad"

Episode 9: "Mad Science"

Episode 10: "What a Dahl"

Episode 11: "Freaks of Nature"

Episode 12: "Industrial Revolution"

Episode 13: "Bloodsuckers"

Episode 14: "Cry Wolf"

Episode 15: "Heavenly Bodies"

Season 7

Episode 14: "One Knight Only"

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  • Despite having a consistent run, Rashaad never won a challenge until week 12 followed by a second one on week 13.

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