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Rock Your Body
Episode Information
Release Date January 25, 2012
Season # 2
Episode # 3
Views (million) 1.690
Foundation Winner Beki
Reward Immunity
Top Looks Matt & Brea

Rayce & Beki

Bottom Looks Miranda & Ian

Jerry & Tara

Winner Matt Valentine
Eliminated Miranda Jory
Previous Water World
Next Night Terrors

Rock Your Body is the third episode of the second season of Face Off. The challenge was to do a nude body paint on two models, disguising one into the backdrop and make the other interact with the backdrop, for Asher Roth's new album Is This Too Orange? Matt Valentine won his second challenge in a row and Miranda Jory was sent home.

Foundation Challenge

Challenge: In teams of 3, create a make-up based only on the contact lenses of the model. Only one artist works on the model at a time, and the others do not see the work until they have their turn in a relay race-like switch.

Teams Concept
Jerry, Miranda, Sue Demon
Brea, Heather, Tara Star Princess
Rayce, Beki, Ian Alien
Matt, RJ, Athena Zombie
  • Guest Judge: Jennifer Aspinall
  • Reward: Immunity
    • Top Looks: Rayce, Beki, & Ian
      • Winner: Beki

Spotlight Challenge

Challenge: In teams of two, apply body paint to two nude models and incorporate them to a selected background for a photo shoot to be used as the cover for hip hop musician and guest judge Asher Roth's album Is This Too Orange?; one model has to blend in with the background, while the other is a character interacting with the background, and each artist can only work one model.

Teams Background
Jerry & Tara Brick Wall
Rayce & Beki Farm With Noose
Ian & Miranda Picnic Table
Sue & Heather Elephant Skateboarding
RJ & Athena Swimming Pool
Brea & Matt Wall of Sneakers
  • Guest Judge: Asher Roth
  • Top Looks: Rayce & Beki, Brea & Matt
  • Low Teams: Jerry & Tara, Ian & Miranda
    • Winner: Matt
    • Eliminated: Miranda

Final Looks