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Scene of the Crime
Episode Information
Release Date October 23, 2012
Season # 3
Episode # 10
Winner Laura Tyler
Eliminated Roy Wooley
Previous "Junkyard Cyborg"
Next "Immortal Enemies"

Spotlight Challenge

Challenge: Choosing one of four mock crime scenes in the woods, the artists will need to create an original Wesen character (based on the TV show Grimm) that would have most likely committed the crime.

  • Guests: Silas Weir Mitchell and Barney Burman
  • Guest Judge: Richard Hatem
    • Winner: Laura
    • Eliminated: Roy
Contestant Victim Wesen concept
Laura Botanist Insectoid Wesen
Roy Camper Lausenshlange
Nicole Mother and Baby on a picnic Blutbad
Derek Cyclist Geier