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Personal Information
Age 34
Hometown Milwaukee, WI
Occupation Info
Season(s) 7 & 11
Placement 5th in Season 7

16th in Season 11

Eliminated on Beautiful Disaster

The Devil is in the Details

After graduating from NYU, Stella Sensel worked at a costume shop for 12 years, but she later discovered her passion for art through makeup. She feels that her career started late, and is ready to kick it into high gear. Stella graduated from MUD NY in June 2012 and competed at IMATS London 2013, winning 2nd place in the character makeup competition. Stella balances her hard work ethic with a sassy sense of humor. She met her wife at an Amateur Female Jell-O Wrestling match, and lives at their recently purchased home with their dog.

Season 7

Episode 1: "Life and Death"

Episode 2: "American Gangster"

Episode 3: "Ancient Aliens"

Episode 4: "Twisted Trees"

Episode 5: "Animal Attraction"

Episode 6: "Wizard of Wonderland"

Episode 7: "Killer Instinct"

Episode 8: "Serpent Soldiers"

Episode 9: "Scared Silly"

Episode 10: "Teacher's Pets"

Episode 11: "Off With Their Heads"

Episode 12: "Beautiful Disaster"

Season 11

Episode 1: Abstract Aliens

Episode 2: The Devil is in the Details



  • Stella has worked on several films and tv shows since the season aired.

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