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Episode Information
Release Date September 18, 2012
Season # 3
Episode # 5
Top Looks Laura & Tommy and Alana & Roy
Bottom Looks Jason & Rod and Derek & Sarah
Winner Alana Rose Schiro
Eliminated Jason Milani
Previous "Alice in Zombieland"
Next "Dishonorable Proportions"

Spotlight Challenge

  • Challenge: After visiting the Bronson Caves and meeting with season 2 winner Rayce, teams of two must create an original superhero and sidekick characters that ties in with one of the mentioned vehicles above
    • Guest Judge: Kevin Smith
    • Top Looks: Laura & Tommy and Alana & Roy
    • Bottom Looks: Jason & Rod and Derek & Sarah
      • Winner: Alana
      • Eliminated: Jason
Teams Vehicle
Derek & Sarah AJS Motorcycle and Sidecar
Rod & Jason Tatra T87
Laura & Tommy Humber Pig
Alana & Roy Dodge Charger
Not chosen Lamborghini Gallardo
Space Mole