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Switched and Hitched
Episode Information
Release Date February 23, 2011
Season # 1
Episode # 5
Views (million) 1.320
Foundation Winner Tate
Reward First Choice (Model)
Top Looks Conor and Megan
Anthony and Tate
Bottom Looks Tom and Jo
Winner Megan Areford
Eliminated Jo Holland
Previous Bad to the Bone
Next The Dancing Dead

Switched and Hitched was the fifth episode of the first season of Face Off. The challenge was to make married couples up for their wedding days, turning the groom into the bride and the bride into the groom. The challenge was won by Megan Areford while Jo Holland was eliminated.

Foundation Challenge

Challenge: Create a realistic facial hair makeup that matches the model's costume.

Foundation Challenge
Contestant Costume
Anthony Rastafarian
Conor Rock and Roll
Gage Biker
Jo Renaissance
Megan Pirate
Sam Western
Tate Futuristic
Tom Amish
  • Judge: Steve la Porte
  • Reward: First Choice in Spotlight
    • Top Looks: Tate & Tom
    • Winner: Tate

Spotlight Challenge

Challenge: Take an engaged couple and make them up so their genders are switched.

Teams Couple
Anthony & Tate Peter & Cathleen
Gage & Sam Greg & Annie
Tom & Jo Dean & Mirai
Conor & Megan Willie & Cecily
  • Top Looks: Conor & Megan, Anthony & Tate
  • Bottom Looks: Tom & Jo
    • Winner: Megan
    • Recommended for Elimination: Tom
    • Eliminated: Jo

Final Looks