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This template helps reducing the possibility of misspelling episode titles (case sensitive issue). It can be used within:
  • {{episode}} on the "Chronology" section about "previous" or "next" episode.
  • {{contestant}} on the "Results" section about which episode the contestant was "eliminated".
  • Whenever intending to describe and link to an episode page.
Type {{ep|<episode code>|<note (optional)>}}
  • episode code: e.g.: Season 1 Episode 1 = s01e01
more episode code examples
Episode 1 Episode 2 Episode 3 Episode 4 Episode 5
Season 1 s01e01 s01e02 s01e03 s01e04 s01e05
Season 2 s02e01 s02e02 s02e03 s02e04 s02e05
Season 3 s03e01 s03e02 s03e03 s03e04 s03e05
Season 4 s04e01 s04e02 s04e03 s04e04 s04e05
Season 5 s05e01 s05e02 s05e03 s05e04 s05e05
Sample output
Example Gives
{{ep|s01e01}} "Welcome to the Jungle"
{{ep|s01e08}} "Twisted Tales"
{{ep|s02e01}} "Return to Oz"
{{ep|s02e10}} "The Ultimate Spotlight Challenge"
{{ep|s03e01}} "A Force to Be Reckoned With"
{{ep|s03e12}} "Live Finale"
{{ep|s04e01}} "Make It Reign"
{{ep|s04e11}} "Living the Dream"
{{ep|s05sp}} "The Vets Strike Back"
{{ep|s05e01}} "Going for Gold"
{{ep|s05e13}} "Swan Song"
{{ep|s06e01}} "Sexy Beasts"
{{ep|s06e15}} "Heavenly Bodies"
{{ep|s07e01}} "Life and Death"
{{ep|s07sp}} "Judge Match"
{{ep|s07e14}} "One Knight Only"
{{ep|s08e01}} "Return of the Champions"
{{ep|s08e14}} "The Dream Team"
{{ep|s09e01}} "Intergalactic Zoo"
{{ep|s09e14}} "Movie Magic, Part 2"
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