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Template documentation (for the above template, sometimes hidden or invisible)
This template is used for creating stylized image thumbnails that can function like the <gallery> code.
Type {{portal|<article page name>|<intended displayed name>|<(optional) image vertical position adjustment>|<(optional) image horizontal position adjustment>|<image file name>}}
 | apn   = article page name
 | name  = intended displayed name
 | t     = image vertical position adjustment
 | l     = image horizontal position adjustment
 | image = image file name
Abbreviation description:
  • apn = article page name
  • t = top
  • l= left
Note: Listing order doesn't have to be the same as above.
Sample output
{{portal|image=S01contestant-Tate.png|apn=Tate Steinsiek|name=Tate}} gives...
{{portal|l=-16|image=S01contestant-Tate.png|apn=Tate Steinsiek|name=Tate}} gives...
This template is studied and modified from Template:MainPageCharacter created by User:Asnow89 of the Cocktails Wikia while incorporating the concept of Template:Crop created by User:Ohmystars of the Lunar Chronicles Wiki! Tweaked by User:Xxsammmsammmxx with the advice from Wikia staff User:Kirkburn.

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