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The Dancing Dead
Episode Information
Release Date March 2, 2011
Season # 1
Episode # 6
Views (million) 1.490
Foundation Winner Tom
Reward First Choice (Model)
Top Looks Tate
Bottom Looks Anthony
Winner Tate Steinsiek
Eliminated Anthony Pepe
Tom Devlin
Previous Switched and Hitched
Next Family Plot

The Dancing Dead is the sixth episode of the first season of Face Off. The challenge was to create Zombie makeups that could withstand a dance sequence to the song "Zombie" by Natalia Kills. Tate Steinsiek won the challenge, while Anthony Pepe and Tom Devlin where both eliminated.

Foundation Challenge

Challenge: Make a gallon of stage blood using grocery items, and apply it to a mock crime scene.

  • Guest Judge: Bob Jacks
  • Reward: First Choice of Model for Spotlight Challenge.
    • Top Looks: Tate and Tom
    • Winner: Tom

Spotlight Challenge

Challenge: Create a zombie character to work in a choreographed dance routine with the other contestants' creations, set to "Zombie" by Natalia Kills. Due to the double elimination, the winner of the spotlight challenge was allowed to recommend two people for elimination.

Contestant Zombie concept
Anthony Prostitute
Conor Classic 80's style
Gage World War II soldier
Megan Plastic surgery client
Sam Fast-food employee
Tate Home invasion
Tom Roadkill
  • Guest Judge: Greg Nicotero
  • Top Looks: Tate & Conor
  • Bottom Looks: Anthony, Tom, & Megan
    • Winner: Tate
    • Recommended for Elimination: Megan
    • Eliminated: Anthony & Tom

Final Looks

The Dance


Copia de Face Off The Dancing Dead

The dance set to "Zombie" by Natia Kills


  • The name of this episode is a reference to the zombie tv show The Walking Dead, a show guest judge Greg Nicotero works on.
  • This episode marks the first time two contestants were eliminated in one episode.
  • During the dance routine, you can notice two Zombies not made by the contestants, these are most likely dancers to help the models dance.