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The Gauntlet
The Gauntlet.png
First Gauntlet Challenges
Episode Information
Release Date September 15, 2015
Season # 9
Episode # 08
Winner Nora
Eliminated Jasmine
Previous "All That Glitters"
Next "Judgement Day"

"The Gauntlet" is the eighth episode of the ninth season of Face Off. During this episode, the artists face three challenges each more difficult than the last. The objective was to focus on realism and visual impact. After each challenge, the artists were ranked 1-9 and the challenge results were then combined. The person in overall ninth place was eliminated.

Stage 1

Challenge: Man vs Nature, bring realistic makeups that brought to life someone who had severe exposure to extreme elements, Arctic or Desert.

  • Top Looks: Nora & Jordan
    • Winner: Nora
Arctic Desert
Ben Evan
Kevon Jasmine
Jordan Scott
Meg Stevie

Stage 1 Gallery

Stage 2

Challenge: Complete the models makeup so that it accentuates and matches their outfits.

  • Top Looks: Ben & Kevon
    • Winner: Kevon

Stage 2 Gallery

Stage 3

Challenge: Create a hero makeup along with 2 background makeups.

  • Winner: Evan
Witches & Warlocks Angels Goblins
Ben Evan Nora
Jordan Kevon Scott
Meg Jasmine Stevie

Stage 3 Gallery

Final Results

  • Winner: Nora
  • Eliminated: Jasmine