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Twisted Trees
Episode Information
Release Date August 12, 2014
Season # 7
Episode # 4
Views (million) Unknown
Foundation Winner Rachael
Reward Immunity
Top Looks Doc & Jason
Stella & Sasha
Bottom Looks Cig & Drew
Damien & Vince
Winner Jason Hodges
Eliminated Vince Niebla
Previous "Ancient Aliens"
Next "Animal Attraction"

"Twisted Trees" is the forth episode of the seventh season of Face Off. It first aired on August 12, 2014.

Foundation Challenge

  • Challenge: For their first foundation challenge, the artists' must choose a costume and create the superhero that wears it.
  • Guest Judge: Mike Elizalde
  • Reward: Immunity
    • Top Looks: Vince & Rachael
      • Winner: Rachael

Spotlight Challenge

  • Challenge: In teams of two, the artists' must create a larger-than-life twisted tree that is suffering from a malady.
Contestant Tree Malady
Cig & Drew Weeping Willow Bug Infestation
Damien & Vince Sequoia Tree Rot
Dina & Rachael Banyan Fungus
Doc & Jason Bristlecone Pine Lightening Strike
George & Keaghlan Silk Floss Choking Vines
Sasha & Stella White Birch Burls
  • Top Looks: Doc & Jason and Stella & Sasha
  • Bottom Looks: Cig & Drew and Damien & Vince
    • Winner: Jason
    • Eliminated: Vince

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