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Season 6 Finalist
Personal Information
Age 26
Hometown Litchfield, CT
Occupation Info
Occupation Inventor and COO of Creative Genius LLC
Season(s) 6
Placement 3rd

Growing up in the historical farm-town of Litchfield, Connecticut, Tyler Green had his own workspace in his parents' basement that was given to him as a "fortress of solitude" to inspire his creations. His first creations were completed at the age of 7 using only tape and cardboard. Since then, his creativity has remained just as intuitive, as most of his designs come to him in his dreams. He works well under pressure and uses his detail oriented and meticulous skills as the founder and COO of Creative Genius LLC. He's ready to use his likeable charm and creative designs to compete in Face Off.


Season 6

Episode 1: "Sexy Beasts"

Episode 2: "Cosmic Conspiracy"

Episode 3: "Dragon's Breath"

Episode 4: "Guitar Gods"

Episode 5: "In the Shadows"

Episode 6: "Cryptic Creatures"

Episode 7: "Open Sesame"

Episode 8: "Ego Trip Abroad"

Episode 9: "Mad Science"

Episode 10: "What a Dahl"

Episode 11: "Freaks of Nature"

Episode 12: "Industrial Revolution"

Episode 13: "Bloodsuckers"

Episode 14: "Cry Wolf"

Episode 15: "Heavenly Bodies"



Social Media

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