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Hi there! I'm Sammm✦✧! Currently, I'm only relatively active on Harry Potter Wiki, HOWEVER, if you see myself under User Groups with Rights (Bureaucrat, Admin, and Content Moderator) in Wikis you think need help, and see me relatively not active there, please still feel free to message me on said wikis and I'll see what I can do. There're 11 other Wikis out there that I used to be heavily invested in (3 of those I'll just outright admit I was only there to help do cleanups, and don't really have a strong passion for those subject matters;) just because I can no longer find time as I once did to maintain a presence, doesn't mean I've lost interest in those 8 Wikis. =]
--Sammm✦✧(talk) 14:44, May 1, 2019 (UTC)
A slightly dated message about my hiatus during roughly 2016-2017; doesn't mean I'm not still upset over the whole thing though. For people viewing this from Inkworld, Lockwood & Co., The Lunar Chronicles, and Ruby Red communities; know that my enthusiasm for those series has not died, so don't hesitate to drop a message if you want to discuss the books! :3 --Sammm✦✧(talk) 21:44, October 17, 2018 (UTC)

Due to circumstances surrounding a certain treatment towards a certain Wikia wiki I've been offered to take care of by the Staff, I've become more or less, well, LESS enthusiastic towards editing on Wikia since mid-2016.

I'm still very anal about editing, but I've come to realize that, heck, I'm not being paid to do a magnificent job on compiling info, and the obsession with editing has hindered my RL activities, which was why I've been mercilessly inactive.

That's NOT saying Ima forever disappear; for Inkworld, Lockwood & Co., The Lunar Chronicles, and Ruby Red, I honestly do hope to someday come back to them and raise their content quality. It's just that my energy has somewhat burnt out, and I'm taking my time to recover. It's very easy to leave comments like "this needs updating", instead of actually contributing to help out. It's even easier to just sit there, read the content, and take it for granted.

Fundamentally I get it, nobody is forcing anybody to do the work; it's too hard? Don't do it then! Which is exactly why I had stopped, when I'd been so stressed out about something that, in the end, isn't really going to impact me in my RL.

Please keep in mind that I'm NOT entirely walking out on the wikis I've been involved with; while my responding time may be severely delayed comparing to the ridiculous "24/7" I used to give, if something serious occurs, my Talk page/ Wall IS still there. If you want to talk in private about books, I'm on Goodreads.

--Sammm✦✧(talk) 22:37, April 29, 2017 (UTC)

Music by nico nico producer つこ.
Highly recommended to at least listen to it once! ♥

P.S.: For people viewing from communities that rendered the above video as a red link, feel free to blame it on Wikia/Fandom for retiring the <nicovideo></nicovideo> and <youtube></youtube> extensions, both previously able to display the video cross-wiki.

For people who are curious enough for wanting to listen to the song, they are respectively uploaded by the composer on Nico Nico Douga and YouTube.

Below is to compensate for most likely the majority of the people viewing this page, being unable to see the video above lol. A different song by a different producer. While Treow was not considerably prolific comparing to other producers, I was and still am extremely impressed with the first two CDs (HYSTERESIS and REVERSUS) he released under the collaboration name ELECTROCUTICA. My roommate had thought I was listening to some epic movie OST. Anyhow, this is just the off vocal. The style's not for everyone, so I won't be offended if you don't like it. xP

↓ Wikis I like to read information from but don't contribute to ↓
BuffyverseCarmen SandiegoThe Chronicles of IxiaThe Daevabad TrilogyDisneyDisney Tsum TsumThe DivinersThe Dresden FilesThe Empirium TrilogyThe ExpanseThe GrishaverseLeverageThe MagiciansMarvelMiraculous LadybugOnce Upon a TimeOutlanderThe Remnant ChroniclesThe Shannara Chronicles (formerly) • Southern Vampire Mysteries (formerly) • True Blood (formerly) • The Young Elites
P.S.: There's nothing bad about "formerly"; they're still awesome wikis!
Just that I'm taking a break from the subjects they are about and it's unlikely for me to go back, but I do immensely enjoy looking up stuff there at one point!

Basics about me

  • Asian (Taiwanese to be specific).
  • Native in both Chinese Mandarin and English.
    If my understanding of Chinese is 99%, English being 90%,
    then 40% would be my Japanese skills as of now. (It was 2% 5 years ago.)

    I read manga in Chinese/Japanese.
    I only read manga in English when I couldn't find them in the other two languages.
    I read comics in English.
    I watch anime and J-drama in Japanese, with either Chinese/English subtitles.
    I absolutely HATE dubs.
This user is a native speaker of English.
この利用者は 簡単日本語を話します。
Dieser Benutzer hat kaum oder keine Deutschkenntnisse.
Je ne comprends pas le français, ou seulement avec des difficultés notables.
Ten użytkownik nie zna języka polskiego (lub ma z nim olbrzymie trudności).
Este utilizador não compreende o português (ou compreende com grande dificuldade).
Este usuário não compreende o português do Brasil (ou compreende com grande dificuldade).
  • Formerly an art student in San Francisco.
  • A CLAMP fan since 1994.
    (though I admit, I do think their quality isn't as good as their glorious days)
  • A Harry Potter fan since 2000.
    (The books, only the books! FYI I dislike the character Harry Potter)
  • A Trinity Blood (トリニティ・ブラッド) fan since roughly 2007.
    (Yeah, I do know if I had been a fan since the beginning I would've been a fan for more than 10 years instead of 5, but my middle school and high school years were pressured with tests equivalent of SAT and ACT, plus I already had plenty other interests. ANYWAY so what I was late lol doesn't change the fact I am a hardcore fan now. :3 )
  • A VOCALOID and UTAU fan since 2009.
    (not sure about CeVIO atm, but さとうささら does have a great voice)
    I feel embarrassed for some so-called fans who couldn't even tell the difference between VOCALOID and cover singers.
    I also hate it when people thought VOCALOID is exclusively a Japanese thing, or that the Japanese started it.
    Go do your homework.
  • A semi-fan of Nico Nico cover-singers (NND Utaite/ニコニコ歌い手) since 2009.
    (I admit the craze died down just a little bit)
  • An X-Men fan since 2014 (lmao) but a crazy one.
    I've read 90% aka most of the X-Men and related X-titles that were published after 1990 (even some before that), so that's reading 25 years of stuff in one year and liking them. Don't talk me down and use the excuse that I haven't started reading comics long enough, I might just know more about them than you think.
  • An Inkheart trilogy fan since roughly 2013 (lol) but a considerably dedicated one.
    (perhaps because it is originally written in German and not English, so it was not as well known where I grew up; I only became aware of it after the movie adaptation. After actually picking up the series, I quickly fell in love with it and even bought a rare set of special edition SECONDHAND (first time to ever do this) because the covers are so much more fitting to its name. I do think this series is just underrated...)

Harry Potter (series)

My favorite books are Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.


~ I love

  1. Hermione Granger (I'm still hoping JKR will finally end the Granger-Weasley marriage via Pottermore)
  2. Bill Weasley and Fleur Delacour (later Fleur Weasley)
  3. Crookshanks

~ I like

  1. Luna Lovegood and Neville Longbottom
    (oh don't get me wrong, I don't ship them, I just like them on the same level)
  2. Fred Weasley and George Weasley
  3. Charlie Weasley
  4. Pretty much all the decent members of the D.A..

~ I wish were further explored in canon

  1. Theodore Nott
  2. Kingsley Shacklebolt
  3. Terry Boot

~ I dislike, borderline hating

  1. Harry Potter (book 5 onward)
  2. Molly Weasley (book 4 onward)
  3. Arthur Weasley (book 4 onward)
    (K, this one I feel the need of explaining. I dislike him for his ignorance; for someone claiming to "love" muggles, he never tried to actually "understand" them, he just "likes the idea" of them. If you truly are fascinated with another culture, you shouldn't just fantasied about them, you should try actually learning about them.

    The fact that he did't bother to think in their point of view, NOT KNOWING they don't floo, failed at recognizing currency, clearly shows that his enthusiasm were falsely placed, or simply put, ignorant.

    I know he's a nice dude in general, that's why he isn't on the next list, but if I hate anything, I hate the people who broadcast their love for something and don't even know half of the stuff about what they supposedly love so much)
  4. Ginny Weasley (book 6 onward)
  5. Albus Dumbledore
    (This one's a bit tricky. Unlike the listed above who I have distinct points where I started to dislike them, I realized the loathing of Dumbledore only came after I've gotten the whole picture aka finished all the books. He truly was some piece of work, effing manipulative bastard. I only find his actions shady after knowing the whole truth, those acts were pretty flawless unless you knew the other side of the story)

~ I loathe

  1. Ron Weasley (book 3 onward)
    (I can write a 10+page paper and thoroughly analyze how I feel I would only like this character had he died in the last book. I'm not even kidding, I told my friends as such. His death would have effectively canceled out all the shitty moves he did; I was very sad to learn it actually had been JKR's plan to kill him off but was changed)
  2. Dolores Umbridge
  3. Cornelius Fudge

K, so seeing how I actually listed 2/3 of the trio, aka main characters, and some family members of a certain member of the trio as people I either dislike so much that I feel like I hate them, or I do in fact loathe them; you may wonder why I would list them instead of the people most fans would obviously hold no love.

  1. Marietta Edgecombe
  2. Percy Weasley
  3. Rita Skeeter
  4. Cho Chang
  5. Voldemort and his Death Eaters
Section WIP ♥

Favorite chapters

Book 5 OotP

  • Ch.16: In The Hog's Head
  • Ch.20: Hagrid's Tale
  • Ch.23: Christmas on the Closed Ward
  • Ch.25: The Beetle at Bay
  • Ch.26: Seen and Unforeseen
  • Ch.31: O.W.L.s
  • Ch.34: The Department of Mysteries
Section WIP ♥

Multimedia works with manga orgin


My history with them started around my kindergarten time, and for someone that's nearing 30, it's rather impossible to correctly remember everything in chronological order, so the following is in the order of the works' publication date, not in the order of when I personally come across them.

Series and works (everything listed, I've obviously read, so will not make additional notes on the matter)

~ I own
  • CLAMP学園探偵団[ Clamp School Detectives ] (3 volumes)
  • 魔法騎士レイアース[ Magic Knight Rayearth ] (3 volumes)
  • 魔法騎士レイアース2[ Magic Knight Rayearth 2 ] (3 volumes)
  • カードキャプターさくら[ Cardcaptor Sakura ] (12 volumes)
  • CLOVER (4 volumes)
  • ×××HOLiC (19 volumes)
~ I previously owned but traded
  • 20面相におねがい!![ Man of Many Faces ] (2 volumes)
    (Now somewhat regretting the decision. It's not because I suddenly realized I do love the books so much, but more because, the newer book covers get worse imo, so I know if I ever want to reobtain the two-book series, I wouldn't like it as much as the original editions.)
  • ANGELIC LAYER (5 volumes)
  • すき。だからすき[ Suki: A Like Story ] (⅓ volumes)
    (This one was a failed Christmas gift exchange from a friend; I neither requested it nor wanted it, and it was only 1 volume out of the 3 for the series. I read it, and didn't care for it. There's a chance that that 1 volume is in fact still at home somewhere, but I'm treating it as if I've given it away, because if I hadn't done so already, that's what I'd be doing.)
~ I wish to own (before I die lmao)
  • 東京BABYLON[ Tokyo Babylon ]
    (Annoyed because I'm pretty sure I've missed my chance of obtaining the editions I would have liked to own; the newer book covers get worse imo. And since that happened and that I'm not seeing it as a "must", I still don't own it.)
  • X
  • Wish
Section WIP ♥

ハイキュー!![ Haikyu!! ]

I'm pretty sure I've proclaimed this somewhere; problem is I don't remember where, so I might as well add it onto my mass profile lmao. This series, as of now, somewhat topped, if not at least on the same level with, the case I mentioned another section with TB; I'm relatively fond of all the existing versions: the original manga series, the anime adaptation, the live stage-play adaptation, and the companion novels.

It was to my greatest shock because prior to this series, I was very judgmental (still am, in fact) and don't care much for even thinking about giving live stage-plays a try: I have a very unfounded and bias preconception that they look silly and they ought to be crap. That is on me, but is also why I was completely blown away by the authenticity of ハイパープロジェクション演劇 「ハイキュー!!」[HYPER PROJECTION ENGEKI “HAIKYU!!”]. I was and still am bloody impressed. Yes, obviously some tweaks were still made, but that's some true respect shown towards the source material, something somehow were always made excuses for when failing to do so in western adaptations. From stage design and effects to soundtracks, everything, the direction and the actual production were just great.

The following will look slightly out of place; I love wikitext too much, unfortunately, if there's a way to use it on Blogspot blogs, I'm not yet aware of it and am just using this place as documentation. Yes, I'm aware there're Wikia/Fandom wikis dedicated to ハイキュー!!, but I'd rather not join a community knowing I'd not be contributing, it'd just be weird.

P.S.: I'm waiting for 最強の場所チーム to become available (duh, DVD etc. wasn't out when I started the documentation) so this has a larger chance to have some inaccuracies.

P.S. 2: Due to COVID-19, I'm behind with productions 飛翔 and 最強の挑戦者チャレンジャー, the latter is honestly unavoidable as the tour was canceled midway thus no DVD. While totally excited for ゴミ捨て場の決戦, I don't think I'd get to view it anytime soon.

Character omission in some forms (engeki adaptation) ↓
  • Izumi 行高Yukitaka & 関向Sekimukai 幸治Kōji (productions 01 & 06)
    The match where they helped out was featured, so technically one can argued that they were "represented", just like, not actually seen lmao. I mean, I get the decision, since I was actually quite surprised that those 2 weren't too relevant later on in the series, but I think it still would have been nice to showcase friends not always having the same interest, and still are friends.
  • 教頭 (name unrevealed?) (productions 01 & 06)
    The dude with the wig; Daichi replaced his role being the one who got hit. BUT, he was heard "off-stage" reprimanding Noya's outburst, or at least I think it was him, as I don't see why it wouldn't be lol.
  • 成田Narita 一仁Kazuhito (missing from all productions so far)
    & 木下Kinoshita 久志Hisashi (missing from all productions until production 08)
    "Narita" was referenced in production 01 (but only the 1st run it seems! The same scene was changed from Ryū shouting "Narita" to "Kiyoko-san" instead in the 2nd run). I'm actually somewhat disappointed about this omission because they did become more relevant later in the series. Chikara replaced Kazuhito in production 05 (likely in 06 as well, sad).
  • 入畑Irihata 伸照Nobuteru & 溝口Mizoguchi 貞幸Sadayuki (productions 01-03, and likely 06)
    I'm sad about not at least including the head coach, since I appreciate decent-behaving adults lol. His speech was largely delivered by Seijoh team members.
  • 滝ノ上Takinoue 祐輔Yūsuke (every production after 01)
    I felt absolutely horrible because I totally get the omission D;. His character type is so similar to Keishin's that it'd just feel repetitive(?), but at the same time I do miss the banter between a duo, rather than just one person doing the talking.
  • Mori 行成Yukinari & 内沢Uchizawa 英紀Hidenori (production 01)
    The match with OB was featured, so technically one can argued that they were "represented", just not actually specified who's who. If Mori was name-dropped in production 03 for his role of providing Seijoh's DVD, I missed it.
  • 直井Naoi Manabu (productions 02 & 04 & 07, and likely 10)
    • 芝山Shibayama 優生Yūki was omitted in productions 02 & 04 but appeared in 07 (IKR? Thank Gawd! It'd really suck if that entire drama was omitted,) & 10. Not sure if he was at least name-dropped in 04.
    • 犬岡Inuoka appeared in production 02 but was omitted in 04 & 07, though reappeared in 10. Not sure if he was at least name-dropped in 04.
    • 猫又Nekomata 育史Yasufumi was omitted in productions 02 & 04 & 07 but appeared in 10.
      IMHO the omission of Nekomata sensei is the biggest blow Dx. His speech was largely delivered by Nekoma team members, though some responses were different from the source material.
  • 道宮Michimiya Yui & 相原Aihara 真緒Mao & 佐々木Sasaki 千鶴Chizuru (production 02 & likely 06)
    To be fair, I actually only remember one name but I do remember all of the 3 characters. If they were name-dropped, I missed it. I can understand the omission because it was all-male cast up until production 04, and rather than cross-dressing, there's no real harm in just not featuring them.
    • BTW, I'm not counting 清水Shimizu 潔子Kiyoko because even though she was not physically shown in productions 01-03, the productions made it very clear that she was with the team and present.
  • 小原Obara Yutaka (productions 02 & 05)
    Poor dude was the only one missing from the roster from his team, he wasn't the only one that was cut the same way though (he is however, the only one I personally can put a name to his face! lol just FYI); because the stage play made sure to always include the Libero position when portraying a complete team, it seemed like for production reasons, they'd just omit another player, even though if counting the Libero, a team needs 7 players not 6. I mean he at least had more presences than some of the newer Datekō members, but his input on Johzenji's 2-on-2 method (brought up by 作並Sakunami 浩輔Kōsuke) was omitted, in fact, Datekō's discussion and observation on the matter was omitted; if the 2-on-2 was indeed mentioned (and that I wasn't just imagining it lol), it was Kiyoko who delivered it instead.
  • 追分Oiwake 拓朗Takurō (productions 02 & 05) & 滑津Nametsu Mai (production 05)
    (though to be fair, 05 omitted a bunch of people as their match wasn't the focus) I'm not too terribly sorry for the omission, but I find them to be unexpectedly providing comic relief the few times they do appear in the source material lol.
  • 強羅Gōra 昌己Masaki & the entire 生川高校Ubugawa Kōkō team and manager (production 04)
    I understand the reasoning but still feel sad for them, after all, Karasuno was inspired to practice their serves because of them? Not sure if the school was even name-dropped.
  • 小鹿野Ogano 大樹Daiki & 千鹿谷Chigaya 英吉Eikichi & the entire 森然高校Shinsen Kōkō team and manager (production 04)
    Same as above but still feel sad for them. The synchronized attack was featured but only crediting the Brazilian team I think (if the school was name-dropped, I didn't notice because I was too awkward at watching those "Brazilian" team members (when, you know, they are played by some very recognizable cast lol)) Also wonder if they would adapt the 全日本男子ユース代表合宿, because I feel bad without Chigaya being established.
  • 谷地 円の同僚?補佐? (name & precise info unrevealed) (production 04)
    The dude who was present when Hitoka first shared with her mom about possibly becoming a manager. So I guess it makes total sense for the character to be cut, due to the lack of info on who he was lmao! If I ever remember this, I'd like to check the end-credit of the anime episode he appeared in and see how he was listed.
    • 谷地Yachi Madoka herself was only shown "off-stage" (her shadow was seen) in production 04.
  • 十和田Towada 良樹Yoshiki & the entire 扇南高校Ōgiminami Kōkō team (production 05)
    The team and the game were in fact featured, just in the form of being very briefly mentioned, with the character (played by other cast member) also appeared very briefly. I do understand the reasoning of summarizing the matches instead of actually covering them in detail. I'm not overly upset, but was a little surprised at the degree of simplification, since 池尻Ikejiri 隼人Hayato got to have his moments lol. I feel like Towada's attitude and backstory has some good morals to it, that's the only part I feel bad for not making into the adaptation. Owells! xD
  • 百沢Hyakuzawa 雄大Yūdai & the entire 角川学園高校Kakugawa Gakuen Kōkō team (production 05)
    Same as above but with mixed feelings; I probably would not have minded the cut one bit, had the dude not been later involved in the 宮城県1年選抜強化合宿. Wrote this in a brief review but it does make me wonder if they will adapt that arc, and if yes, wonder how they'd tackle it. Simply continue to omit the character? Feels wasted with the character growth shown. At the same time, I totally understand it's probably a realistic issue as well, as I don't think actors with 2m hight come by often xP.
Section WIP ♥
Story arcs comparison in adaptations and source material

& title


Episode & title

& title

Chapter & title




1 1 終わりと始まり



#1 終わりと始まり
2 烏野高校排球部 #2-3 (烏野高校排球部🏐単細胞生物)
3 最強の味方 #4-5 (最強の味方🏐コート上の王様)
4 頂の景色 #6-7 (中学のハナシ🏐“持たざる物”のことば)


#8 頂の景色
5 小心者の緊張 #9-10 (コンビ誕生。🏐小心者の緊張)
6 面白いチーム #11-13 (“再会”と“大失敗”🏐通常運転🏐面白いチーム)
7 VS “大王様” #14-16 (VS“大王様”🏐化学変化🏐もう1人の天才)
8 “エース”と呼ばれる人



#17-18 (嵐🏐“エース”と呼ばれるひと)
9 エースへのトス #19-21 (本音🏐“守護神”🏐エースへのトス)
10 憧れ #22-24 (憧れ🏐同じ1点🏐チーム烏野、始動)
11 決断 #25 遭遇



#26-27 (決断🏐ネコとカラスの再会)
12 ネコとカラスの再会 #27 ネコとカラスの再会
#28-30 (“鬼”と“金棒”🏐“脳”🏐飛びかた)
13 好敵手(ライバル #31-32 (ライバル🏐大人ネコと雛カラス)
#33-34 (“繋ぐ”ということ🏐再戦を誓って)
14 強敵たち


#35-37 (強敵たち🏐飛行準備🏐突入)
15 復活 #37-39 (突入🏐ウォームアップ🏐復活)
16 勝者と敗者 #40-41 (勝者と敗者🏐2回戦突入)
17 鉄壁 #42-44 (鉄壁🏐“変人速攻”解禁🏐“最強の囮”)
18 背中の護り


#45-47 (“光”の裏側🏐"エース"🏐エースとヒーロー)

19 指揮者 #48-49 (“指揮者”🏐VS “大王様”・2)
20 及川徹は天才ではない #50-52 (ザ・セッター対決🏐“強豪”と呼ばれる実力🏐エースの資質)
#53 及川徹は天才ではない
21 先輩の実力


#54-55 (“先輩”の実力🏐“俺のベスト”と“お前のベスト”)
#56-57 (少数精鋭🏐“ブレイク”)
22 進化 #58-60 (通常運転・2🏐“真っ向コミュニケーション”🏐進化)
23 流れを変える一本 #61-62 (チームの地力と小さなケモノ🏐コートの横幅めいっぱい)


#63-65 (流れを変える1本🏐流れを変える1本・2🏐背中)
24 脱・“孤独の王様” #66-69 (“もう1回”🏐笑顔🏐脱・“孤独の王様”🏐敗者)
25 三日目 #70-71 (“3日目”🏐後悔と目標)


2 1 レッツゴートーキョー!!


#72+#77 (レッツゴートーキョー!!🏐王者と対峙)
2 直射日光 #73-74 (東京遠征への道🏐直射日光)
3 “村人B” #75-76 (“村人B”🏐クリエイター)
4 “センターエース” #78-79 (レッツゴートーキョー!!本番!!🏐“センターエース”)
5『欲』 #80 「欲」


#81-82 (伸びしろ🏐決裂)
6 “テンポ” #83-84 (“テンポ”🏐それぞれの進化)
7 月の出 #85-87 (雑食🏐月の出🏐エースの意地)
8 幻覚ヒーロー #88-89 (幻覚ヒーロー🏐理由)
9 VS“傘”


#90-92 (再起動🏐VS“傘”🏐動と静)
10 歯車 #92-95 (動と静🏐歯車🏐無意識の先導🏐「エース」のカタチ)
11 “上” #95-98 (「エース」のカタチ🏐黒のチーム🏐“上”🏐会話)


12 試合開始!! 12


#99-102 (試合開始!!🏐ガッコ🏐後悔と原動力🏐シンプルで純粋な力)
13 シンプルで純粋な力 #102-105 (シンプルで純粋な力🏐地上戦🏐幼鳥🏐同じ土俵)
14 育ち盛り #105-107 (同じ土俵🏐それぞれの壁🏐育ち盛り)


#108 集結
15 アソビバ #109-113 (開戦🏐自由の為の力🏐未熟🏐アソビバ🏐アソビバ2)
16 次へ #114-115 (アソビバ3🏐次へ)
#116-117 (Vs. 和久谷南高校🏐小さな巨人戦の途中ですか)
17 根性無しの戦い 14


#118-120 (土台代理🏐根性無しの戦い🏐根性無しの戦い2)
18 敗北者達 #121-123 (小さな巨人戦再開🏐挑戦🏐もう一つの憧れ)
#124-125 (終盤戦🏐敗北者達)
19 鉄壁は何度でも築かれる #126 “3枚目”


#127-128 (金の赤子🏐鉄壁は何度でも築かれる)



20 払拭 #129-131 (新生・烏野🏐払拭🏐青葉城西の歯車)
21 壊し屋 #132-133 (壊し屋🏐セッター対決Round 2)
#134-135 (お互い様🏐スロースターター)
22 元・根性無しの戦い 16


#136-137 (流れを変える一本・3🏐元・根性無しの戦い)
#138-139 (サーブという究極の攻撃🏐宿敵)
23 “チーム” #140-142 (輩🏐“チーム”🏐強さのかたち)
24 極限スイッチ #143-144 (灯🏐極限スイッチ)



#145-147 ( 極限スイッチ2🏐才能とセンス🏐真っ向勝負)
25 宣戦布告 #148-149 (宣戦布告🏐出会いの化学変化)



1 ごあいさつ #149-151 (出会いの化学変化🏐ごあいさつ🏐決勝初心者)
2 "左"の脅威 #151-153 (決勝初心者🏐“左”の脅威🏐3本目)


#154-155 (殴り合い🏐“ラスボス”への道)
3 GUESS・MONSTER #156-159 (Guess·Monster🏐理性と力🏐助太刀🏐一環)
4 月の輪 #160-162 (眈眈🏐刺激🏐幾望)


#163-164 (月の輪🏐たかが1点)
5 個VS数 #164-168 (たかが1点🏐一貫🏐守護神と月明かり🏐個VS数🏐Notミラクル)
#169-171 (義翼🏐アイデンティティ🏐どいつもこいつも負けずぎらい)
6 出会いの化学変化 20

(+ #149 出会いの化学変化 from vol.17)
#171 どいつもこいつも負けずぎらい
#172-174 (スタミナ勝負🏐断崖絶壁🏐0.数秒の戦い)
7 こだわり #175-178 (常に新しく🏐新鮮🏐不快な壁🏐こだわり)
8 嫌な男 #179-180 (嫌な男🏐こだわり·2)



#181-183 (殴り合い第2ラウンド🏐おくることば🏐欲しがった男)
9 バレー馬鹿たち #184-187 (はじめての感情🏐頑張れ俺の太腿🏐バレー馬鹿たち🏐昼の月)
10 コンセプトの戦い #187-190 (昼の月🏐コンセプトの戦い🏐宣戦布告・2🏐次の戦い)
(+ #207 準備 from vol.23)




1 陸VS空 22


#191-194 (ネコVSフクロウ🏐エンジン🏐"自称" エース🏐包囲網)
#195-199 (陸VS空🏐背水の陣🏐蛇VS猫🏐理不尽🏐動揺)
2 ボールの"道" 23


#200-202 (パイセンの意地🏐ぶっつけ本番🏐音駒のエース)
#203-204 (風をつくる🏐バカでも解ったバレーボール)
#205-207 (ボールの"道"🏐報告🏐準備)
Section WIP ♥

Other written works

トリニティ・ブラッド[ Trinity Blood ]

This series is as of now the ONE AND ONLY rare case, in which I'm fond of all the existing versions: the original light novels, the manga adaptation, and the anime adaptation. Personally my favorite is the R.O.M. series. BTW, I'm actually still having hopes Hollywood would pick this up lol This series has so much more to offer than half of the other vampire stuff currently on the market!

Yes, I'm aware that unfortunately Sunao Yoshida (吉田直) died before he could finish, what apparently still has a long way to go, but the 6 finished books are solid enough if not touching upon the whole origin of Methuselah.

Section WIP ♥

Inkheart trilogy

Love the books, wish there were more, but am happy with what there is. Before you start talking crap about the film, I'll just tell you, I actually like this adaptation way more than how the HP film franchise is handled comparing to its source material; of course it's not exactly the same as the book, but its treatment and alteration is more reasonable and understandable than the... what I called almost-overated film franchise.

Side-note: Don't get me wrong, I DON'T HATE the HP film adaptations, but I'm certainly not overly fond of it like I probably would have been, had it actually been how EPIC it needed to be.

For Inkheart, I'm just disappointed that the film was so under-appriciated and therefore no sequels.

Section WIP ♥

Lockwood & Co.

Just go join the wiki! lol.
~ I love
  • George Cubbins‎
  • The Skull
~ I'm VERY fond of
  • Quill Kipps
~ I don't really care for
  • Lucy Carlyle
  • Anthony Lockwood
Section WIP ♥

Septimus Heap (series)

Just (07/05/2015) started the series and although I'm not done with it yet, I've already found some of the characters "I NEED to list as ones I dislike" xDDD. So here goes.

Name may contain spoilers for people who haven't read.

~ I like
~ I "think" I'd eventually really like
~ that are really trying my patience
  • Septimus Heap (aka 412) (book 5)
    What a bloody disaster! It's like reading HPOotP all over again! Don't get me wrong, that book actually is one of my favorites out of the two of the seven books! It's just that... Is this just how grownups perceive teenagers? Do they have to write their teenaged protagonist into some whiny git? Seriously hope by the end of this book he'd revert back to the some old cute Sep.
~ I dislike, borderline hating
  • Silas Heap (book 4 did it, but he was annoying from the very beginning)
    Honestly, this guy's an effing idiot. Even without Marcia, he would have never made ExtraOrdinary Wizard with attitude like that.
  • Sarah Heap (book 4)
    This woman is also an idiot. Sure, play the "let's blame it all on Marcia" game, shall we? Why don't you be less useless before you start pointing fingers?
  • Jillie Djinn (book 4)
  • Jenna Heap (book 5)
    The way she talked to Milo did it for me. Ungrateful bastard. You know what? You hate people calling you princess or your highness? Then effing stop this stuck-up princessy act! Gawd she's annoying in this book. Also, I'm so sick of her writing people off as "crazy" when she herself is too stupid to care to understand the actual situation; I find the way she calls people crazy highly offensive; it wasn't like how other people were half joking about others being "cray cray"; the way she says it is just full of arrogance and ignorance.
~ I loathe
  • Merrin Meredith (book 4 did it, but he was annoying from the very beginning)
Section WIP ♥

X-Men and related X-titles

Favorite crossovers as of now

Favorite issues as of now

  • Astonishing X-Men v3 #1-24 + 1 Giant-Size, Joss Whedon
  • Wolverine v3 #20-31, Mark Millar / #42-48, Marc Guggenheim
  • New X-Men v2 #20-46, Craig Kyle & Christopher Yost
  • X-Force v3 #1-28, Craig Kyle & Christopher Yost
  • New Mutants v3 #1-21, Zeb Wells / #25-50, Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning

Fond issues as of now

Section WIP ♥


My former page?
I finally got convinced and created an account since apparently my IP address may switch once my modem is restarted, and THAT happens lately so fine, I cave in.

I'm more of a MARVEL girl (no pun intended, I effing have no love for Jean Grey or her daughter) so I got into this shared universe relatively late. I'm still not crazy about Arrow, but am slightly addicted to The Flash.

Articles I'm slightly more invested in

Although I edit around the wiki, here are some in-universe pages I've added 1k+ bytes of content during one single edit; aka, although for some pages I might eventually also have accumulatively added 1k+ bytes worth of content through several separate edits, let's just keep it simple here. (This table is also NOT counting the ones for undoing vandalism) As you can see, there's not that much going on. There's always room for improvements and growth!

# Article title Type Since (yyyy/mm/dd)
01 Martin Stein Character 2015/03/05
02 Leonard Snart Character 2015/03/07
03 Cisco Ramon Character 2015/03/15
04 F.I.R.E.S.T.O.R.M. Object; research project 2015/03/16
05 Amarasia Oasis Location; business; restaurant 2015/03/17
06 West House Location; residence 2015/03/24
07 Allen House Location; residence 2015/03/25
08 Clarissa Stein Character 2015/03/28
09 S.T.A.R. Labs Location; business 2015/04/02
10 Fire & Ice Object; art work 2015/04/06
11 Mama Chow's Fine Dining Location; business; restaurant 2015/05/20
12 Big Belly Burger Location; business; restaurant 2015/05/29
13 Ramon Shipping Location; business 2015/06/01
14 Keystone City Location; city 2015/07/01
15 Mason Bridge Character 2015/08/04
16 John Diggle Character 2015/08/05
17 CC Jitters Location; business; restaurant 2015/12/01
18 Okamura Toys Location; business 2015/12/10
19 Russell Glosson Character 2016/01/19
20 Central City Museum Location; business 2016/01/21
21 Speed Force transmitter Object; weapon 2016/02/03
22 Ingestible translator Object 2016/02/11
23 Kendra Saunders Character 2016/02/13
Honorary Mentions
The following are pages that came close but are unlikely to receive any more updates of a huge size from me.

HōzenJake DavenportQuentin QualeRip Hunter's teamS.T.A.R. Labs (Earth Two)

~ I love
  • Hartley Rathaway
~ I'm VERY fond of
  • Tatsu Yamashiro
  • Cisco Ramon
  • Patty Spivot
~ I like
  • Martin Stein
  • Caitlin Snow
  • Barry Allen
~ I think are too good looking for their own safety
  • Harrison Wells (Eobard Thawne you are so smart to take his body lmao)
~ I'm interested to know more about
  • Lyla Michaels
  • Floyd Lawton
  • Carrie Cutter
~ I couldn't care less about
  • Oliver Queen
  • Felicity Smoak
~ I loathe
  • Iris West (S1E05-15,18)

Miraculous Ladybug

Also known as Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir, Miraculous, and formerly LadyBug; take your pick! =P

I'm going to go in a completely fangirl mode and share exactly how and why I think I'm FATED to fall for this series! LMAO. I'm not even kidding. On April 24, 2016, as I was walking home, a ladybug landed just few steps away from my next stride. I now seriously regretted that I didn't take a picture of it; it DID cross my mind at the time, because, well, I honestly don't see ladybugs around everyday like pigeons, but then I personally didn't particularly care for the insect, with the fact that while I did have my portable charger with me, my phone was dead at the time. Wanting to go home ASAP, I just didn't feel like waiting around to charge my phone so I could take the photo, thus I didn't. It still didn't change the fact that the encounter was memorable to me and I had a smile as I walked home.

Two days later, on April 26, 2016, on a basically abandoned Polish wiki I'm only on because I go add interlanguage links, a user joined and made a single edit. Whenever this happens to an abandoned wiki I follow, I'd always check out the user's profile. If they have "favorite wikis" listed, I'd also click to get a sense of their work ethic elsewhere. And that was when it happened. I entered the Polish ML Wiki, and even without understanding anything, the Favicon itself got all my attention; I was like: "Ladybug? What a coincident! I just saw one a few days ago! Wonder what this is about!", though at the time I kind of assume it was for a game in some type because of the design theme, and didn't really think there was high hope for me to actually be interested. Yet, once I click to view the main page, I became completely stunned. My first thought was that, "Is this some new film I again miss out for some reason!!!!???" Like come one! Look at Marinette Dupain-Cheng!!! Her design honestly could have landed her in any major feature film and would have fitted right in!

I immediately went for the English counterpart wiki, and was momentarily tormented when I found out in a few sentences that it was not a film, but a TV series. Call me old fashion and I don't care, but I'm fairly prestigious towards traditional 2D animation, and generally regard 3D productions (for TV! Not feature films) with distaste. At that point I no longer care; it wasn't going to hurt me to watch a few clips to know more about the show. And... Well, I fell in love, and binge-watched the entire first season (26 episodes) in A DAY.

I'd like to elaborate a little more and list my usual "characters I like/love/loathe etc.", but that can wait. I honestly love every episode and can't wait for the next season! On that note, let me just say this, despite the whole "I prefer 2D" thing I told you, I'm honestly HELLA GLAD they didn't end up making the show in 2D anime style like the original proposal. Don't get me wrong, there's still a chance that an anime version could be great, but JUST NOT in the specific style they first showed. I absolutely hate the art style and think it's super fugly. Thank GAWD it didn't happen. Thinking about it still makes me want to puke.

Pasting something I wrote in a comment for episode "Antibug" (because I doubt the said video would last long on YouTube):

I think this episode should have been named "Vanisher and Antibug"; it's ironic how Sabrina is "invisible" in the episode title, not sure if it was intentional :3. This is also the first time this show used an existing superhero/supervillian name from mainstream comics (to my knowledge anyways; I don't read a lot lol) But I'm glad the powers are completely different; the Vanisher I know (mostly featured in X-Men related titles) teleports (himself and others) and "vanishes" xP Sabrina's powers... Is just very Invisible Woman-esque sans the ability to generate force field...

Section WIP ♥

メサイアプロジェクト[ Messiah Project ]

Documentary purpose. It won't be so overwhelmingly not English, after I actually finish making the table.

Section WIP ♥
01 漆黒 02 銅 03 白銀 04 紫微 05 影青 06 翡翠 07 鋼 08 深紅 09 暁 09.5 極夜
公安五係 サクラ (graduates & trainees)
一嶋 晴海 ✔︎ ✔︎
神北 竜二 ✔︎ ✔︎
林 王芳 ✔︎ ✔︎ ✔︎ ✔︎
八重樫 馨 ✔︎ ✔︎ ✔︎ ✔︎
黒子 ✔︎ ✔︎
海棠 鋭利 ✔︎ ✔︎ (06 t→g) mentioned ✔︎
御津見 珀 ✔︎ ✔︎ (06 t→g) mentioned ✔︎
司馬 柊介 ✔︎ (03 t→g) mentioned
五条 颯真 ✔︎ (03 t→g) ✔︎ mentioned
白崎 護 ✔︎ (09 t→g)
悠里 淮斗 ✔︎ voice mentioned
間宮 星廉 ✔︎ mentioned ✔︎*
有賀 涼 ✔︎
加々美 いつき ✔︎
公安四係 (current & former)
高野 優太 ✔︎ ✔︎ mentioned
三栖 公俊 ✔︎ (member during 04-08) mentioned* ✔︎
周 康哉 ✔︎ (member during 04-08) mentioned ✔︎ ✔︎

My favorite pages

  • tbc