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Water World
Episode Information
Release Date January 18, 2012
Season # 2
Episode # 2
Views (million) 1.808
Top Looks Matt & Tara

Heather & Athena

Bottom Looks Jerry & Nix

Ian & RJ

Winner Matt Valentine
Eliminated Nix Herrera
Previous Return to Oz (Season 2 premiere)
Next Rock Your Body

Water World was the second episode of the second season of Face Off. The challenge was to select a animal from the Aquarium of the Pacific as inspiration and make a waterproof make-up. Matt Valentine was crowned the winner of the challenge. Nix Herrera was ultimately sent home.

Spotlight Challenge

Challenge: In teams of 2 (and one team of 3), use an animal from the Aquarium of the Pacific as inspiration for a waterproof make-up.

Teams Animal Inspiration
Sue, Rayce, & Brea Leafy sea dragon
Jerry & Nix Ridley sea turtle
Miranda & Beki Leafy sea dragon
Ian & RJ Zebra shark
Matt & Tara Lyretail fairy basslet
Heather & Athena Lionfish
  • Top Looks: Matt & Tara, Heather & Athena
  • Bottom Looks: Jerry & Nix, Ian & RJ
    • Winner: Matt
    • Eliminated: Nix

Final Looks